Michigan Gluten Free Dining – Restaurants to Visit

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Restaurant recommendations. They by far make up the bulk of my weekly correspondence. I thoroughly feel honored that you trust me and my opinion! I titled this “Michigan Gluten Free Dining” instead of “Michigan Gluten Free Restaurants.” Why ?Because not all of these restaurants, in fact few, offer a 100% gluten free menu. However, many restaurants take great care and concern in preparing gluten free food.

Michigan Gluten Free Dining Twitter

This list stands simply as a recommendation. (It also serves as a one-stop link to all my restaurant reviews!) As always, ask questions of your server and kitchen staff prior to eating.

In addition, remember that items and practices can change. So ALWAYS ask questions. Hopefully this list of Michigan Gluten Free Dining options helps you plan a delicious and safe adventure! (Traveling someplace not on my list? Feel free to message me! I have connections, lol.)

The Fuel gluten free vegan Zoodle Alfredo
Zoodles from The Fuel in Brighton

Michigan 100% Gluten Free Restaurants / Diners / Food Trucks

West Coast / Grand Rapids Gluten Free Dining Options

The Mason Jar Cafe Gluten Free Zucchini Bread Waffle Michigan Gluten Free Dining
Gluten Free Waffles from The Mason Jar

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Kalamazoo / Southwest Michigan Gluten Free Dining Options

Michigan Gluten Free Dining restaurant staff trained on gluten free menu

Lansing / Central Michigan Michigan Gluten Free Dining Options

Anna's House Breakfast Lasagna
Breakfast Lasagna from Anna’s House

Brighton / Ann Arbor Gluten Free Dining Options

Ann Arbor Gluten-Free Juicy Kitchen Stuffed French Toast
French Toast from Juicy Kitchen in Ann Arbor

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Detroit & Metro Area Gluten Free Dining Options

mr mike's grill update gluten free molten lava cake

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Flint / Saginaw/ Thumb Region Gluten Free Dining Options

Prost in Frankenmuth

Northern Michigan Gluten Free Dining Options

Michigan Gluten Free Dining Mama Lu's
Tacos from Mama Lu’s in Traverse City

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Upper Peninsula Gluten Free Dining Opti/ons

Gluten Free Donckers Smash

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Gluten Free Dining Options at National Chains

Michigan Gluten Free Dining - Jersey Mike's

Sit Down

Fast Casual / Fast Food

Know an eatery offering safe Michigan gluten free restaurant / dining options? Drop a comment below and help me get connected and hopefully I can try them out! Let’s show others just how eager restaurants are to accommodate our needs! Reminder- Just because I or someone mentions a restaurant, please always ask about food prep. Practices can change.

Looking for baked goods? Check out my Michigan Gluten Free Baker List. (It even has an interactive map!) Looking for dessert? Check out my ice cream list! Traveling to the Windy City? Check out my Chicago Gluten Free Dining Guide.


  1. Lansing area restaurants not on your list that we’ve had good luck at so far, that may be worth further investigation: Capital Prime in Lansing & The English Inn in Eaton Rapids. Both are fine dining restaurants so I feel they take more care and are more knowledgeable.

      1. Check our FB page. One gal got a wrong dessert there. Just saying

        We went to Red Haven on Hagadorn. Delightful menu. Waitress attempted to be careful. She gave me an appetizer to eat as she realized she had used flour after she made it. We also had a cake for dessert but I am still unsure. Nick had some reaction but not like he would if he had a half piece of cake with gluten flour.

        We went to Olive Garden. Very careful. No gf dessert right now.

        We also eat at Ozzies in Meridian Crossings. A number of options.

        Stillwater Grill was also very careful last time we were there.

        We had a good meal at Luckys on Okemos Rd. They said french soup without croutons was gf. Nick had no reactions.

  2. Grand Rapids spots that I take my sister (SUPER sensitive celiac):
    – San Chez (Spanish style tapas and brunch, VERY knowledgeable staff)
    – The Mitten Brewing Co (PIZZA!! My dad waited 2 hours for pizza with us, we only ordered GF, and he said it was probably the best pizza he ever had)
    – Marie Catrib’s (closing Oct. 20 🙁 but their GF branny oat is soft and fluffy)

    1. San Chez is a great option. We ate there 11 years ago when we signed the mortgage on our house. (Even though we live in Flint, our broker was in GR. Long story.)
      Ate at Mitten Brewing. Was sick later that week while at GF camp, although can’t guarantee it was the restaurant. I would need to try it again before recommending.
      So heart broken about Marie Catrib’s closing. That place definitely held a special spot in my heart. Not on the list because they are closing. I wish Fouad the best of luck.

  3. My son is celiac and anaphylactic to wheat. He has been able to eat at The Flint Crepe Company in downtown Flint. They have a whole grain gluten free crepe batter and will wash the crepe cooking surface and use clean utensils. They are delicious!

    We also enjoy Loya Organic on Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield. They have been able to accommodate our needs and we have never had a reaction from eating there.

    Wing Lauk in Waterford has a Gluten Free Menu. They are very knowledgeable as one of the owners has a family member who cannot have gluten. It’s our go to take out.

    1. Dear Lisa,
      Thanks for these recommendations. While I ADORE Robbie Klatty and all his Flint restaurants, I haven’t always felt great after eating at Flint Creep Company. They take as careful precautions as they can, and I highly appreciate that. It’s just not for me. (And if you like coffee, you have to visit Heyday inside of Tenacity Brewing. Only open until 11 am, I believe.)
      I think someone else has also mentioned the restaurant in Waterford. I love Asian food, so I’ll definitely have to check it out!

      1. I have had issues after Flint crepe company, but my son hasn’t which is strange as he is allergic to wheat as well as celiac.

        Loya organic we’ve never had an issue, but they aren’t gluten free since they have pita bread, etc. there.

      2. I second the recommendation for Wing Lauk, I have ordered off their GF menu over a dozen times over the years and have not gotten sick, and I’m quite gluten sensitive. They can also make items GF that aren’t on the GF menu to help you be able to have your favorite dishes.

  4. Pasong’s in saginaw has many gluten free option, and I’ve never gotten sick eating there (I’m incredibly sensitive).

    In midland, Maru Sushi has gf options, just specify that you’re gluten free and they’ll omit items containing gluten and use gf soy sauce.

    Also in midland, and perhaps national, Noodles and Company. While I’ve only had their pad Thai, it’s delicious and I have never gotten sick there.

    1. Thanks for those tips, especially Saginaw. Someone told me Panda House was good in Saginaw.
      Maru Sushi is a chain. I’ve heard it can be hit or miss depending on the location. I definitely need to check it out.
      Thanks for the reminder about Noodles & Company. Eaten there lots of times. Will add to the list.

  5. In New Baltimore there is a carryout Cloverleaf Pizza. They are knowledgeable and careful . It is really good pizza and I’ve not had any problems. Also Little Camilies is a restaurant that will accommodate and modify dishes to make them gf.

  6. Rainbow Chinese in Farmington Hills will make anything they can gluten free. It’s our go to night out. Best breaded Sweet and Sour chicken!

  7. Northern MI, Elk Rapids, near TC: Pearl’s New Orleans Kitchen; eaten there several times, celiac safe menu, a relative of owner has celiac. You can also find it on Live GFree app with great reviews.

  8. Wing Lauk in Waterford does gf Chinese.
    Wahlburgers in Detroit has gf buns and dedicated fryers.
    Sparkies in highland has gf buns and lots of options on their gf menu. (No dedicated fryer though)

    Steelhouse Tavern in Troy has a dedicated fryer and gf buns but since the owner changed I’ve gotten cross contaminated there a few times.

    1. I second Sparkies. I have had multiple things including burgers with gf buns, ribs with Sweet Baby Rays sauce, salads and more without issues. They are very accommodating.

  9. Troy = Sedona Taphouse, Maggiano’s, First Watch, The Melting Pot
    Rochester Hills/Rochester = Kruse and Muer,
    Washington township/Sterling Heights/Clinton Township = The Pantry Restaurant
    Cloverleaf Pizza

  10. Also Peppinio’s In Grand Rapids/Allendale Michigan area. They have the best gluten free pizza and Italian dishes with gluten free pasta as an option!

  11. In St. Joseph, Schu’s has many great GF menu items and I never get sick there. Other restaurants in St. Joe that I successfully eat at as a Celiac are Ryebelle’s, Tosi’s Cafe (the minestrone), The Buck, 221 Main and Silver Beach Pizza. In Stevensville, both Tosi’s restaurant and Grande Mere Inn have good GF options.

  12. I am bookmarking this list and suggest a few more restaurants that have fed me well and safely! I was diagnosed with celiac disease 9 years ago and love to travel in Michigan.

    Seva in Detroit and Ann Arbor (separate menu, dedicated fryer; the General Tso’s cauliflower is the best!)
    Gratzi in Ann Arbor (careful staff, great for celebrations)
    Brome Burger in Dearborn (dedicated fryer, GF buns available, clearly marked menu, food allergy-aware staff)
    Pearl’s New Orleans Kitchen in Elk Rapids (very aware staff, separate menu, SO many options!)
    Red Mesa Grill in Traverse City (ditto)
    Rare Bird Tavern in Traverse City (seriously, TC is the BEST for celiacs)
    Yankee Rebel Tavern on Mackinac Island (knowledgeable staff, good food)

    1. I had an odd experience at Seva’s in Ann Arbor. It would take me trying them again to recommend them. Thank you for your recommendations. I have been wanting to try Brome Burger.

  13. In the Metro Detroit/Detroit Area we’ve had succes at the Andiamo’s Restaurants. While not solely gluten free, the chef’s are knowledgeable on what they can substitute or leave out of soups. They even have gluten free penne.

  14. Pearls New Orleans Kitchen in Elk Rapids is awesome gluten free food. I’m extremely sensitive and never have a problem, and their food is fabulous.

  15. I’m so happy I read this! Thanks so much for having this blog! There are 2 restaurants that I go too and never got sick. Magdaleno in Wyandotte (even have GF bread to eat before your meal and will plat3 GF brunch on Sundays)….Also Anna’s House (I think it’s Livonia) has a dedicated area and lots of options. Savannahs in Trenton did an amazing job for my surprise birthday. Didn’t get sick and the food was amazing.

  16. You can add Mama’s boy pizza place to the list for the Grand Rapids area. We stopped there the first weekend of October on our way home from the U.P. It’s located off 131 near Rockford. My daughter, Maggie Clegg, suggested it. We were very pleased to stop there. The owner/ manager is very knowledgeable about Celiac and cross contamination. We had good service and great delicious pizza. The crust and toppings were absolutely terrific. We would stop there again when in the area. We live in Lansing, so don’t get over that way very often.

  17. There is a great restaurant in Frankenmuth that has a wonderful gluten free menu, has a reward for Allergens cooking. The chef personally came out to talk to me. I felt special. The restaurant is named Oscar and Joes. The food was excellent

    1. I’ve been to Oscar and Joey’s in Birch Run. While I trust Dave to cook for me, I wasn’t a fan of the fish. I need to try it again, and during the day time when i have better light for pictures.

  18. I have a few favorites in the Lansing area. The GF pasta and pizza at Cugino’s in Grand Ledge. Peppino’s Pizza in Grand Ledge and Dewitt offer an amazing GF pizza (my favorite is the BBQ chicken). Also, Boston’s at Eastwood Towne Center offers Gluten Free Pizza and other options. Here is a link to the Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau list of Lansing Restaurants they have compiled for gluten free options.


    Hope this list helps others out!

    1. I have family in Grand Ledge, and will need to check out Cugino’s. I have a post on my site about Boston’s. Not a big fan.

  19. Hi Margaret! I suggest you come visit St. Johns again! We now have TWO restaurants that have many gluten free options!
    1. Lil G’s is an Italian restaurant that has so many gluten free options on their menu, they found it was easier to mark the items that contain gluten, which is only about 8-10 options! They have several delicious gluten free pasta selections (corn/rice, lentil, or pea based). They do have a gluten free crust for pizza made of almond flour. They made cheesecake with a gluten free crust. Also, you’re safe to order a salad as is, because they don’t use croutons! I always get the fish breaded in coconut flour, sauted in sunflower oil. I believe they do have a dedicated gluten free fryer. Everything including the service is outstanding. Ask for Lorinda, she has several food allergies as well and she’ll remember all of yours too!
    2. Simply Sunday’s Shoppe has many gluten free options as well. The owner’s daughter has Celiac’s so she knows all about cross- contamination. They offer baked goods, sandwiches, homemade soup with bone broth, and so much more! I personally haven’t eaten there yet, as their hours are the same as my store downtown, but my husband said the food is delicious!

  20. I hope to hear that other people don’t get sick at Noodles & Company; I’d be so fearful of eating there again, though it was a favorite place. I was SO sick after eating at a Livonia or Northville location (and I’ve never had trouble anywhere else) 2 or 3 years ago after they changed their menu to say they didn’t recommend it to celiacs. I can only guess they boiled the rice noodles in wheat water.

    1. I have heard mixed reviews about Noodles & Company. But I have never become ill after eating at one, and I’ve done so in multiple states.

  21. Red Olive in Wixom make my daughters fries in a seperate wok (since they dont have a dedicated fryer) plenty of gf options. They do take all precautions when using the griddle but do tell you it is not a seperate gf area. Just washed well so gf french toast and such is risky. They wrap my daughters flatbread and grill it wrapped in foil. No issues for her. Burger 21 is her favorite place to eat. How safe do you feel jersey mike is?

  22. The Rustic Bluebird in Romeo Michigan serves gf items and baked goods. Their mile high corned beef sandwich is delicious!

  23. Le Crepe in Royal Oak hands down has amazing GF options. I’m severe celiac’s and even a slight cross contamination of airborne flour makes me sick. Le Crepe has been a very safe place for me to go. They offer all kinds of crepes, breakfast, dinner and scrumptious treat ones!

    Le Crepe Royal Oak
    317 S Washington Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48067

  24. Vino and Vibes in downtown Utica! They have gf crackers for their charcuterie boards, gf bread for their paninis and gf tiramisu and chocolate truffle cake 😍

  25. A couple of places we go in Metro Detroit with my 2 celiac sons and not had any issues.

    Chains – Cooperhawk Winery, Cloverleaf Pizza, Mission BBQ

    Other – Lov-A-Burger, Saucy’s Pizza (Grosse Pointe Woods)

  26. Check out rainbow restaurant, they can make most anything gluten free! It’s a Chinese restaurant. I always get the orange chicken and rice! I’ve never had a reaction and it the best gluten free food I’ve ever had

  27. the SyThai chain does a decent job of gluten free (Troy and St. Clair Shores I believe). Amy’s Thai in Sterling Hgts also has a lot of gluten free options They started using gf soy sauce recently. I’m trying to talk to the owner to confirm if EVERYTHING (except some noodle dishes or fried foods) are gluten free….

  28. I’m not sure if this was mentioned yet but the Elephant Room in Detroit is great. The owner is celiac so there are gf options for almost everything on the menu.

  29. Alcona Brew Haus in Harrisville…. No peanut, no tree nuts, no shellfish, no sesame. They have many GF and celiac safe options as well as other allergy free options.

  30. Ford’s Garage in Dearborn does an amazing job with all allergies including Gluten. Food is prepped in a separate area and all staff involved with prep are required to change gloves and aprons. Food is then double plated to distinguish and has to be inspected and delivered to the table by a manager. They don’t have a dedicated fryer but are happy to bake fries—they just need a bit of extra time!

  31. Recommendations for the Great Traverse City Area:
    The Red Door Coffee Shop in Lake Ann has gluten-free options for their sandwiches, and their special Red Door grilled sandwich on gluten-free bagels is SO good!!!
    Also, we discovered a frozen pizza crust that is nearly indistinguishable from wheat counterparts, purchased in the frozen section at Fogarelli’s in Traverse City, made by Bake House. It comes with a sauce packet – all you need to add is your choice of toppings. The staff at Fogarelli’s are more than happy to place an order for you if they’re out, and it takes a matter of days to get your order.

    1. I’ve had that frozen pizza crust made by Bake House and it IS DELICIOUS!!! The crust almost reminds me of Pizza Hut pan pizza. I searched for more info online previously and I think one of the original owners worked at a Michigan-based chain pizzeria that also offers gluten-free pizza…. I think.
      I’ve also found the frozen crusts/sauce (2 of each per box) at the Ann Arbor Kroger and Agricole in Chelsea.

  32. I ate some options downriver:

    Wyandotte: H2O (talk directly to the head chef David or his wife Felicia), the Vault (owner has celiac), and Magdalenos. Monroe: Public house (dedicated fryer- and they handle many allergens).

  33. Hi Margaret!
    I love eating at Greek Jalapenos in Waterford. They have many GF options and a dedicated fryer. The food is always delicious and bonus…they have GF pies for dessert! I am a Celiac and have never gotten sick after eating there.

  34. Next time your in the SW Corner you should try Round Barn Public House in Baroda. They have GF items on their menu, including one of the best GF Pizza’s i’ve ever had. I was worried the first time I tried their pizza because the crust was so good I was sure it was regular pizza crust.

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