Fenton Fire Hall Kitchen and Taproom

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Fenton Fire Hall in Fenton Michigan offers many gluten free options. My personal favorite is the Shaved Brussels Salad with Salmon.

The halls at Fenton Fire Hall are lined with photos of local firefighters.

Fenton Fire Hall has been open just over two years, and they have quickly become a much loved establishment in Genesee County. Even better, this is a restaurant that takes Celiac Disease and food allergies seriously.

Fenton Fire Hall is the 4th restaurant in the Union Joints chain. Well known for the Clarkston Union Bar and Kitchen that has been in business for 20 years, they have branched out into other towns and counties, sharing their dedication to real food and a flair for creativity. They’ve continued their knack for restoration in Fenton as well, turning an old fire station into a 3 story restaurant and bar that has something for everyone and a gorgeous view of the city.

The view from the balcony of Fenton Fire Hall is breathtaking.

I was blessed to sit down for a one-on-one with head chef John Wentworth. While John might be relatively new to Union Joint and Fenton, he’s not new to cooking. He’s been cooking since he was 13, working in his father’s hotel, and honing his craft at culinary schools here in the U.S. and in Italy. And while he’s been around the country, he follows the same “local” concept as the other Union Joints restaurants. Whenever possible, local products are purchased for their meals and they strive to work with Michigan distributors. The corn tortillas for their Beef Flank taco bar are proudly made in Detroit. They even use local honey procured by an employee who does bee keeping as a hobby!

So let’s talk about the gluten free menu at Fenton Fire Hall. The first thing that I notice, and appreciate, is the printed warning that they used shared fryers, and therefore their fries and other deep fried items are not safe for celiacs. Actually, it says it in three different spots on the menu. While I appreciate a dedicated gf fryer, I also appreciate a company that is honest and forthcoming right off the bat.

The gluten-free menu at Fenton Fire Hall clearly highlights that they use a shared fryer

While Fenton Fire Hall is most known for their brisket, pulled pork and other proteins, I decided to sample their seasonal chili and their Shaved Brussels Salad. An added note about their meats that are smoked- they do meats separately and wash down grills in between times. So if you have a pork allergy like my husband, they’ve got your cross contact issues covered!

The seasonal chili right now is their 3 Bean Veggie. Loaded with navy, black and lima beans and a spiced tomato broth, it is well paired with butternut squash and roasted red peppers. The mix of the sweetness of the butternut squash marries well with the smokiness of the broth.

The seasonal chili at Fenton Fire Hall was delicious

The Shaved Brussels Salad is, in a word, amazing. Caramelized Brussels sprouts are mixed with dates, semi-soft goat cheese and grilled onion. Toasted walnuts are tossed throughout and topped with a whole grain mustard vinaigrette and served warm. While I had the small portion, I could easily make a meal of the large and enjoy every single bite and still want more! Left alone this is a vegetarian dish, but it can also be topped with pork, chicken or salmon.

The Shaved Brussels Sprouts salad at Fenton Fire Hall is my favorite dish. EVER.

The gluten-free menu at Fenton Fire Hall is pretty extensive. They have two gluten free appetizers, ample meats and sides, and sandwiches and burgers that can be served on an Udi’s bun. Oh, and they have perfected a gluten-free version of their famous macaroni and cheese!

 Gluten-Free ice cream options at Fenton Fire Hall's Pumphouse Custard Stand
And for dessert they have ice cream. This isn’t just any plain ice cream. This is ice cream they hand make with LIQUID NITROGEN. It’s made in small 9 gallon batches that can be whipped and completely frozen in 6 minutes. While you can get a scoop of ice cream at the restaurant, you can step outside just a few feet way and go to their ice cream stand, Pumphouse Custard. They usually have a selection of 16 custards at a time, but have a rotating list of 34 flavors throughout the year. It is clearly notated on their menu board which flavors are gluten free, dairy free, and which ones contain nuts. They have designated water wells that hold designated scoops for serving nut containing ice creams, all of which are kept in a separate freezer Seeing this about blew my mind and I had to take a picture!
Dedicated peanut-free ice cream scoops at Fenton Fire Hall

The flavors are creative and delicious. The strawberry balsalmico had me hesitant, but it may just be the most amazing strawberry ice cream I’ve ever had. The balsalmic heightens the strawberry favor without getting in the way. The Lemongrass Coconut Milk dairy-free “ice cream” was amazing (and quite possibly my favorite.) It tasted like a luscious custard with a sweet kiss of lemon that doesn’t make you pucker.

My final decision and full scoop was their Faygo Rock and Rye Ice Cream topped with Pop Rocks. It doesn’t get more Michigan than Faygo, and the pop rocks were a sweet reminder of childhood. Even if Fenton is 3- minutes from our house, I will DEFINITELY be going back to try more of their frozen masterpieces. (Just a note, although it’s not gluten free, their carrot cake ice cream is made with a cream cheese frosting base that sounds mesmerizing. These folks at Fenton Fire Hall are true culinary geniuses!)


Faygo Red Pop ice cream with Pop Rocks at Fenton Fire Hall

Before ending our time together, I asked Chef John Wentworth, “what’s the one thing that you want people to know about Fenton Fire Hall?” He stated the building and it’s location. This building has been standing guard over Leroy St since 1938, and training some of the firefighters that are still working in the department today.

Each of the three levels at Fenton Fire Hall have their own distinct decor. However, they are still tied together with themes throughout. Each level features outdoor seating, while the third floor is all rooftop seating. The second floor has outdoor seating that overlooks Leroy Street and it’s small town charm. The 1st floor is a complete bar with 48 taps, most of which are Michigan beers. Chef John says that while the gluten free beers that they offer may change up, they usually have 3-6 gluten free beers available. The outdoor seating outside the bar overlooks the river and community gazebo, and is heated throughout the fall.

Decor at Fenton Fire Hall

I also asked Chef John the following specific question- How is the Fenton Fire Hall staff trained in food allergies and food prep so as to prevent cross-contact? Here was his extensive and thorough answer:

“Our servers first verbally let the kitchen know [that there is a guest with a food allergy].   When the server rings in the order, our tickets note that there is an allergy on that guest’s meal and what it is.  At this point we asses if there is enough information and take steps to prevent cross contamination – clean utensils, cutting board, pans, etc. If more information is needed, one of the chefs will go and speak with the guest to ensure accuracy and let the guest know we are doing everything possible with their safety in mind.”
“During opening a new joint, [Chef Aaron] instills the importance of how these allergies are to be taken very seriously. Throughout training, he tests the staff with his own allergies, with orders and questions.  He is always testing and instilling the importance of these allergies with the staff in all of our joints.”

All in all, I’m reassured that Fenton Fire Hall can accommodate my gluten-free needs as a person with Celiac Disease, and I would feel safe recommending it to others!

Fenton Fire Hall
201 S Leroy St, Fenton, MI 48430
(810) 936-0442
Hours Mon- Wed 4-9 pm, Thurs & Fri 4- 11 pm, Sat 2-11 pm, Sun 2-9 pm
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Fenton Fire Hall is one of many Michigan restaurants I’ve visited. You can view a list of them on my  Michigan gluten free dining post. Please remember to always ask any restaurant about their food preparation practices.

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