Jersey Mike’s Gluten Free Subs

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In 2018, Jersey Mike’s started offering gluten free subs made on Udi’s Gluten Free Baguettes. They were originally trained by the Gluten Intolerance Group on cross contact prevention. Learn more abou their gluten free food prep protocols in my post.

Available now! Jersey Mike's gluten free subs on an Udi's roll

How Does Jersey Mike’s Prevent Cross Contact?

The biggest excitement in the gluten-free world revolves around a sandwich. By now, you have likely heard that now you can buy a Jersey Mike’s Gluten Free sub. Being part of various Facebook gluten-free groups, I have read various experiences from those who have tried it. So, I ventured to a Jersey Mike’s in Lansing, along with my father who also has Celiac Disease.

Prior to ordering, I immediately asked the staff what procedures they use to prevent cross – contact. He promptly explained that they wipe down the prep area and the slicer.

Prior to making your Jersey Mike's gluten free Sub, staff should wipe down counter and slicer

Does Jersey Mike’s Change Gloves With Your Gluten Free Order?

He also explained that they wash their hands and put on new gloves. In addition, he explained that the Udi’s Gluten Free sub roll is enclosed in an individually sealed bag. The staff thawed it in the microwave. (Pretty sure this was done still in the packaging.

Prior to making your Jersey Mike's gluten free Sub,, staff should wash hands and change gloves.

Does Jersey Mike’s Use Dedicated Utensils? 

Additionally, the employee explained they put down fresh parchment paper as a barrier and always and only cut the sandwich with a designated knife, only used for gluten-free sandwiches. I watched him complete each step just as he described.

The experience I described above has been the same from most who describe their Jersey Mike’s gluten free experience. Everyone talks about the care that has been taken to clean the surface and change gloves and lay down a barrier.

When cutting your Jersey Mike's gluten free Sub, staff should be using a dedicated knife.

Which Meats are Gluten Free at Jersey Mike’s? 

Staff also explained that all the meats and cheeses were gluten-free, EXCEPT the Meatballs and the Chicken Parmesan. I was thoroughly impressed. We were the only diners at the time, as we came for a late lunch after running errands. I would hope all these precautions would be followed even if it were busier.

Are Jersey Mike’s Condiments Gluten Free? 

The negative reviews tend to start rolling in when it comes to condiments. Our sandwich maker used a squeeze bottle for mayo, versus the bin on the line. I was VERY HAPPY about that. (Some on social media have stated their location DID NOT use a squeeze bottle and tried to use the mayo already on the line. Make sure to help your sandwich maker construct your sandwich safely.) We left off the oil and vinegar, because my dad is not a fan.

Are Jersey Mike’s Toppings Gluten Free? 

However, my main concern came to the other toppings. They did not have separate vegetable toppings for gluten-free sandwiches. They did not have tongs for grabbing lettuce and just used their hands. Which means there could be all sorts of crumbs in them, regardless of the fact if he has new gloves on.

I will admit I was not good at being adamant about him getting new lettuce from the back. My dad was comfortable with the lettuce and tomatoes from the line. So we got them.

Your Jersey Mike's gluten free Sub should be made on a clean parchment paper to prevent cross contact.

Do Jersey Mike’s Gluten Free Subs Taste Good? 

Dad and I took our Jersey Mike’s gluten free club sub sandwich back home to enjoy it. I will admit the bread was a bit dry and crusty. However, I imagine that would have not been the case had we had the oil and vinegar. I will admit that it was delicious.

Are Jersey Mike’s Gluten Free Subs Expensive? 

We ordered the ‘Giant” Club Sub, which with tax and tip came to $20. It is nice to have this option, especially if you are in group of people and need to find a safe place to eat out. As others have been good to point out, the Udi’s bread is gluten-free and dairy-free, but does contain egg.

This Jersey Mike's gluten free Sub is large and delicious!

Who Trains Jersey Mike’s on Gluten Free Protocols? 

I did contact GFFS, which is the restaurant training arm of the Gluten Intolerance Group. Many heard about this new restaurant option though an email from Find Me Gluten Free. Their email stated “After working with the Gluten Intolerance Group, Jersey Mike’s developed procedures and a training video to prevent cross-contamination.” I assumed that this meant they were “certified” through them. Therefore, I wanted to ask GFFS what steps they told the store to take.

Are Jersey Mike’s Stores Certified Gluten Free? 

I received a very prompt and thorough reply from them. (It’s nice to have connections.) The GFFS representative stated the following. “To date, Jersey Mike’s is not certified with us. We have been consulting with them regarding the processes and procedures they would need to adjust to be able to be certified through us.”

“They have begun making those adjustments but that is a process in and of itself due to the fact that they have 1300 locations and thousands of staff to train.” My connection further explained Jersey Mike’s is going through the process of certification, and they will share that when it comes about.

Final Thoughts on Jersey Mike’s Gluten Free Subs

To summarize, we really enjoyed our Jersey Mike’s gluten free sub sandwich. We have a variety of options to eat, as all except two of the meat options are gluten-free. They took many good precautions in making our sandwich. I would prefer that separate toppings be set aside for those needing gluten-free.

This is because any crumb of gluten is problematic for one with Celiac Disease. As Jersey Mike’s continues their certification process, I imagine that the process will become even better. While the bread is $3 more for the large sandwich, I believe this is totally reasonable as they continue to take precautions to keep us safe.

How To Contact Jersey Mike’s with Questions

If you go to a location and have concerns about your service, please feel free to contact Jersey Mike’s corporate office. If you go to any restaurant that has been certified by GFFS, and have concerns, feel free to contact them as well.

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Have you eaten a Jersey Mike’s gluten free sub? How was your experience? Please share your comments below!

All thoughts and opinions are my own. Jersey Mike’s is one of many Michigan restaurants I’ve visited. You can find a list of them on my  Michigan gluten free dining post. Please remember to always ask any restaurant about their food preparation practices. I was not paid or compensated in any way for this meal.

Originally Published January 2018


  1. The sub was awesome! Yes, the bread was a bit dry, but all in all, I was pleased. They were very good about using a freshly cleaned slicer and making my sandwich in the back area of the kitchen, and I was able to watch each step. They did try to bring the gf sandwich out to the line to add lettuce, tomato, and onion. I was able to catch it, and ask that they use fresh from the cooler. When I explained why, the young man making my sandwich was awesome and did not cross contaminate me! There was a woman by the cutting board station who rolled her eyes and made a snotty remark about my fussiness, so I smiled and wished her a good day. Otherwise, an absolutely awesome experience! In Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  2. I have gone to both the Bloomfield Hills and Macomb locations with great success! Both locations have separate prep areas for gluten free with all toppings and sauces, this way my sandwiches were never made on the normal Prep line! So happy to have this option now!

  3. I visit the Spanish fort/Daphne in Alabama frequently. Charles is very caring and takes extra care in making my order. I am Celiac. It’s nice to know I can finally eat out and not have to worrying about getting sick. Thank you Charles. He needs a raise!

    1. So glad to hear that you received excellent service. Please know that this is a restaurant review, and I do not work for Jersey Mike’s. If you’d like to make sure Charles gets recognized for his service, leave a note with the manager at that location. 🙂

  4. I went to the store on Broadway in Boise and they went above and beyond to make sure I wouldn’t get sick. Awesome experience

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