Gluten Free Detroit Dining Options

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Traveling to the Motor City? Looking for a place to eat? I’m sharing the best restaurants offering gluten free options in Detroit. From American cuisine to Cuban to Thai food, you’re bound to find something you like.

Where is Detroit? 

Detroit is located in the southeast corner of Michigan. It is easily accessed via Interstate 75, which runs from Florida all the way to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. While one can get close to Detroit by air, the Detroit Metro Airport is actually located in Romulus. Therefore, one still must drive 25 minutes to get from the airport to downtown Detroit. The Detroit River separates the city from Windsor, in Ontario, Canada. 

What is Detroit Famous For? 

Once the capital city of Michigan from 1805-1847, Detroit is best known for its Motown music heritage and its sports teams. One can still visit the home of Henry Ford, a pioneer in the car industry. In fact, Detroit is still referred to as the Motor City, and is home to GM Headquarters.

Parking in Downtown Detroit

Parking in Downtown Detroit can be hectic. Parking garages are located downtown, and street side parking is also available. The Park Detroit website and app allow you to pay for parking online. The app also helps you find available parking. Also keep in mind that Detroit offers the People Mover, an elevated train that manuevers around Downtown Detroit. Even if you can’t park near your destination, you may be able to park in a structure and take the People Mover to where you want to go. 

Festivals and Attractions in Detroit

Detroit is home to the America’s Thanksgiving Parade, and many more holiday events. For the car enthusiast, visit the yearly Detroit Auto Show.  In addition, one will find many museums, theater and concert venues, including the Masonic Temple. Explore Belle Isle in the summer, and visit Campus Martius Park and Cadillac Square for year round activities. For a list of attractions to tour, check out the Visit Detroit website

Gluten Free Dining in Downtown Detroit

I’m sharing eight restaurants that offer gluten free options. Only two restaurants, Breadless and The Elephant Room, are 100% gluten free. At the end of this list, I’ve included an embedded map so you can find these restaurants, easier. In addition, I’ve included an additional section of gluten free options in Metro Detroit, near the Detroit Zoo. Despite its name, the zoo is actually in Royal Oak, which is 20 minutes away.

Breadless Sandwich and Carrot Crisps

Breadless (100% Gluten Free) 2760 Larned St, Detroit, MI 48207

Gluten Free Options:

Everything on the menu at Breadless is gluten free! They make sandwiches wrapped in greens. Choose from fun wraps like the Cardi B (Swiss chard + sliced chicken, pepper jack cheese, cilantro avocado sauce ) or the What the Kale (Dino kale + halal roasted chicken, cheese, bbq sauce).  Recently Breadless has operated food stalls at Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers, and Little Caesar’s Arena, home to the Pistons.

Cross Contact Prevention Protocols:

Because their menu contains no gluten, cross contact should not be possible. 

The batidos at Frita Batidos are tropical milkshakes

Frita Detroit 66 W Columbia St, Detroit, MI 48201

Gluten Free Options:

Gluten Free options include burgers without a bun, french fries made in separate hot oil, and their “Best Snack Ever.” The BSE is layered dish of Coconut Ginger Rice, black beans, melted muenster and cilantro lime salsa. And I admit, it really is the best. Their Batidos, or cuban mikshakes, are also gluten free.

Other options include “Beef Frita lighter on romaine, Chorizo Frita lighter on romaine, Chicken Verde Bowl, Tropical Salad with or without seared tofu, Twice Fried Ripe Plantains, Loaded Plantains, Crisped Plantains, ‘Best Snack Ever,” Shoestring Fries, Garlic Cilantro Fries, Black Beans, Coconut Ginger Rice, Tropical Slaw, Cinnamon Sugar Plantains, Batidos (w/the exception of the Batido de Trigo available occasionally as a special and the same applies to our housemade Paletas in the Spring/Summer months), Avocado Spread and Cilantro Lime Salsa.” 

Cross Contact Prevention Protocols:

Eve, the owner of Frita Batidos, recently shared with me their newly updated gluten free food order protocols. That includes at dedicated fryer, available at their Detroit and Ann Arbor location. They also have a kit in a zipped bag with dedicated gluten free cutting board, Chef’s knife, pot, pan, etc. (Again, available at both locations.)

“We do ask that guests with Celiac Disease let us know, because we take extra precautions with this condition. For guests with Celiac disease, we specify on our order ticket, do a verbal call to the expeditor, write it on a white board and have a dedicated person in the kitchen prepare and package the order from start to finish.” Both servers and kitchen staff are trained on what Celiac Disease is, and cross contact.

Photo from Folk Detroit’s FB Page

Folk Detroit 1701 Trumbull, Detroit, MI 48216 

Gluten Free Options:

“Our waffle and coffee cake are gluten free, and we have gluten free bread for sandwiches. Everything but our Crunchwrap and soba salad are able to be made gluten free. All of our gluten free options are marked on the menu along with dairy free, vegetarian, and vegan options.”

Cross Contact Prevention Procedures:

“Our space is small, so typically only one thing is being prepped at a time, and everything is cleaned and sanitized afterwards. We only have one waffle and it’s gluten free! For sandwiches, they are wrapped in foil before being put on the press. Gloves are worn to prevent any cross contact.”

Gluten Free Sandwich at Mudgie's Deli in Detroit

Mudgie’s Deli 1413 Brooklyn St, Detroit, MI 48226

Gluten Free Options:

Mudgie’s offers gluten free bread for any of their signature sandwiches. Choose from sandwiches like the Dad (ham and cheese with yellow mustard), the Mudgie (beef brisket, turkey breakfast, veggie cream cheese, lettuce, onion and honey mustard), or their Turkey Trot (turkey, cheddar dried cranberries, apples, walnut, honey mustard and mixed greens), and more. Certain sandwiches cannot be made gluten free, due to the toppings used. 

“We offer gluten free bread for any of our sandwiches with the exception of the the vegan corned beef reuben. This is due to the fact that the vegan meat is made from vital wheat gluten and therefore cannot be made gluten free.”

Cross Contact Prevention Protocols:

“We do not have a dedicated gluten free prep space. However, if an allergy is mentioned we do make all necessary precautions like cleaning the grill and board to keep the order safe.”

Buddy's Pizza Salad Gluten Free Detroit Style Pizza

Buddy’s Pizza 1565 Broadway St Detroit, MI 48226

Gluten Free Options: 

Buddy’s Pizza owns many restaurant locations across the state of Michigan. Detroit, which is the original home of the Detroit style pizza, offers gluten free pizza and salads. Please be advised that their gluten free crust contains dairy, and costs an additional $2. It is only available as a 4×4 square pizza. 

Cross Contact Prevention Protocols:

In the past, Buddy’s restaurants maintain a separate gluten free prep space for preparing gluten free pizzas. I am emailing them to confirm that this is still true. 

Exterior of Slow's BBQ in Detroit
Photo from Slow’s BBQ FB Page

Slow’s BBQ 2138 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216

Gluten Free Options:

When looking at the Slow’s BBQ main menu, most dishes are marked with a lowercase “g”, which means gluten free options are available. (Sadly, no gluten free mac and cheese.) They also offer gluten free buns from Rumi’s Passion.

Cross Contact Prevention Protocols:

I have emailed the restaurant asking for further information. When they answer my questions, I will update this space. 

Gluten Free Chicken and Pao De Quejo at Texas De Brazil in Detroit
Photo from Texas De Brazil’s FB Page

Texas De Brazil * 1000 Woodward Ave Ste 1B07A, Detroit, MI 48226 *

Gluten Free Options:

Texas De Brazil offers a Special Diets menu on their webpage. It appears that the majority of their meats and salad bar contain no gluten. Their Brazilian cheese bread (like Brazi Bites) contain no gluten, nor does their jasmine rice or Sweet Fried Bananas. Dessert options include Crème Brûlée and Brazilian Flan

Cross Contact Prevention Protocols:

I have emailed the restaurant asking for further information. When they answer my questions, I will update this space. 

Restaurants in the Detroit Suburbs / Detroit Zoo

While all the sports teams (Lions, Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings) stadiums are in downtown Detroit, the Detroit Zoo is located in Royal Oak, Michigan. Troy and Berkley are north of the Detroit Zoo, and Ferndale is just south of the zoo. In addition, Troy is home to the Somerset Collection mall. I have marked restaurants where I have not personally eaten with an asterisk. I am providing a link to each restaurant so you can ask the owners/ management more about their menu and food prep practices. 


  • Tru Pizza (formerly Renee’s Gourmet Pizzeria) (100% gluten free)
  • The Melting Pot (trained by the Gluten Intolerance Group) (gluten free options marked on menu)
  • Gran Castor * (part of the Union Joints chain) 
  • Condado Tacos (gluten free options marked on the menu) 
  • Cooper’s Hawk * (gluten free menu available upon request)


  • Vinsetta Garage (Offers separate gluten free menu) 
  • The Lunch Cafe (offers gluten free bread for sandwiches. Most soups are gluten free.)
  • Republica (Dedicated Fryer) (gluten free options marked on menu)

Royal Oak


*Restaurants marked with an asterisk are locations where I have not personally eaten. Locals recommended them to me. As always, ask questions about gluten free preparation methods prior to ordering.


  1. Adding to the metro area, Renee’s Gourmet Pizza in Troy. Best gluten free pizza in town, and the whole restaurant is gluten free. They have cookies and pasta too.

  2. P.f. chang’s has a great selection of gluten free options! My boyfriend has celiac and has never gotten sick! (Troy location)

  3. The Breakfast Club is very knowledgeable and they take gluten free very seriously, They can make several choices on the menu gluten free. It was a great breakfast with lots of options.
    at 40600 John R Road, Madison Heights, MI

    I live a few hours away in Ohio, went to that area for Tru pizza and Gluten Free specialties bakery.
    Saw the breakfast club on find me gluten free app and was not disappointed.

  4. Wing Lauk in Waterford – I think you’ve mentioned them before, but I don’t see them on your list.

  5. Como’s gf deep dish pizza is great! Plus, they have vegan cheese which is a win-win for us dairy free as well.

  6. I eat the gluten free pizza at the Brass Rail on Adams St in Detroit. They are very careful and I get it uncut. I have been eating this for two years now at every Detroit Lions home game!

  7. 5-10 years ago, I visited downtown for DEMF in May. There used to be a gluten free burger stand (carryout type joint with just a few tables) in the suburbs or outer part of the city. Maybe a 20-35 minute drive? It was amazing and worth the trip out! They had good milkshakes also. I had the lamb burger with garlic fries, and I still crave another one after all these years. Does anyone remember what it was called, and if they still have any restaurants open?

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