Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Finds

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People often ask in Facebook groups about Trader Joe’s gluten free options. For those who don’t have a location nearby, they’re eager to know what to buy when they finally go. Hopefully this list can give friends a start!

trader joe's grocery bag

Aren’t Trader Joe’s and Aldi the Same?

People often (incorrectly) assume Trader Joe’s and Aldi have the same parent company. The two businesses were separately owned by two German brothers. Originally the brothers jointly owned Aldi in Germany. However, after a difference of opinion, they amicably split the company into Aldi Sud and Aldi Nord.

Aldi Nord acquired the Trader Joe’s chain that started in California. Aldi Sud operates the Aldi locations in the United States. Confusing?  The Kitchn further explains the Aldi and Trader Joe’s connection, for those who want to dig deeper. However, like Aldi, Trader Joe’s relies on separate manufacturers to make their products, placed in Trader Joe’s packaging. The practice is often called “private label.”

Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Labeling Guidelines

Trader Joe’s website states “If you see “Gluten Free”on a Trader Joe’s product, this means that the product has been validated to contain less than 20 ppm of gluten (or made in a certified gluten free facility). Individuals with Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity must avoid gluten for their health.”

Some people, myself included, choose to eat some items not specifically labeled gluten free, based on ingredients. Trader Joe’s has stated in past emails, “We do have many products that are made in facilities that don’t process gluten, even though it’s not labeled gluten free. Generally, [the reason it’s not labeled] is because the supplier doesn’t want to pay for certification.”

Gluten Free Bread & Baked Goods

trader joe's gluten free sandwich bread

Trader Joe’s stocks gluten free white sandwich bread and gluten free whole grain bread. Many people declare this to be their favorite gluten free bread.

trader joe's gluten free bagels

They also sell gluten free bagels. Not a fan of “everything”? They sell plain gluten free bagels as well. This fall they offered gluten free pumpkin bagels for (I believe) the first time. They’re amazing!

Gluten Free Cookies & Cupcakes

trader joe's gluten free joe joe's sandwich cookies

People LOVE Joe Joe’s. During the Christmas season, they offer gluten free Candy Cane Joe Joe’s. They stock many more gluten free treats than I can picture here. They sell gluten Soft Baked Snickerdoodles, Crispy Cookies and Brownie Crisps. **Update- The Gluten Free Joe Joe’s now contain oat flour. 

Gluten Free Frozen Foods

trader joe's cauliflower gnocchi

This highly popular Gluten Free Cauliflower Gnocchi is not specifically listed on the Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Dietary List. I have purchased this many times, but you decide. I really like Iowa Girl Eats’ tips on cooking cauliflower gnocchi. Trader Joe’s also sells cauliflower and butternut squash pizza crusts, which ARE labeled gluten free.

trader joe's gluten free chicken nuggets

I have not personally tried these gluten free chicken nuggets. I know my friend Amanda of Eat at Our Table loves them, as do the rest of her family.

trader joe's gluten free frozen mac and cheese

You’ll find many Trader Joe’s gluten free foods in the freezer section. This gluten free macaroni and cheese works great in a pinch. They also stock a gluten free cheese pizza, and a gluten free Chicken Tikka Masala. There are also many other items, again not specifically labeled gluten free, that contain no gluten ingredients.

trader joe's gluten free waffles

Don’t forget breakfast. These gluten free toaster waffles are a steal at only $1.99 a box. They also sell gluten free (and dairy free!) frozen pancakes. I really love their gluten free mochi ice cream treats!

Gluten Free Cereal & Grains

trader joe's gluten free cereal

Trader Joe’s sells many gluten free cereals. In addition to the Neopolitan flavor, they also sell Maple Ladders and Cocoa Crunch Cereal, and Crispy Quinoa Stars. Please note that their “O” cereals are not on their gluten free list.

trader joe's gluten free oat free granola

I fell in love with this years ago after my first visit to Trader Joe’s. It contains no oats, which I’m sensitive to. Trader Joe’s also sells oats specifically labeled “gluten free.” It is my understanding that they are purity protocol oats, sourced from Canada. For more about purity protocol, please read my post on gluten free oats.

Gluten Free Dry Goods & Spices

trader joe's gluten free pasta

Trader Joe’s offers a WIDE variety of pasta. Brown rice pasta. Quinoa pasta. Red lentil pasta. They even sell their own brand of boxed gluten free macaroni and cheese! I used their fusilli in my gluten free beef stroganoff and rather enjoyed it!

trader joe's gluten free rice crumbs

You can stock your pantry will all sorts of gluten free goodness at Trader Joe’s. They sell their own gluten free all purpose flour blend. In addition, they stock various mixes. Their gluten free pancakes mix is an old standard. However, they continue to add new products like their mochi cake mix and Fudgy Chocolate Quinoa Cake mix.

trader joe's everything but the bagel blend

At this point, I think the words “Everything But The Bagel” are synonymous with  Trader Joe’s. On top of the famous seasoning blend, they how have Everything but the Bagel smoked salmon and Everything but the Bagel yogurt dip. This is not listed on the Trader Joe’s gluten free list, however none of their spices do either.  However, I consume this, their baking powder, and cocoa all  without issue.

Gluten Free Fresh Foods

trader joe's gluten free fresh fettuccine

For those who are wondering, Trader Joe’s offers a wide variety of fresh foods. Produce, bagged salads, a large cheese selection, dairy and non-dairy alternatives and eggs. This fresh gluten free fettuccine is popular with so many people. If you liked the ones during the Aldi Gluten Free Special Buys this year, I’m 99.9% certain this is the exact same manufacturer, which is Taste Republic.

Gluten Free Snacks

trader joe's gluten free potato snacks

So many tasty gluten free snacks abound at Trader Joe’s. They carry their own brand of gluten free pretzels, as well as Chomps meat sticks and Enjoy Life Foods Protein Bites. These Spud Crunchies are popular as well!

Gluten Free Seasonal Items

trader joe's gluten free pumpkin pancake mix

Just like Aldi, every season new Trader Joe’s gluten free finds hit the shelves. Everyone’s excited about the fall offerings every year, including this gluten free pumpkin pancake mix, and their gluten free pumpkin bread mix. In addition you’ll find their maple butter, apple cider jam, and new gluten free pumpkin bagels at this time.

trader joe's gluten free pumpkin bagel

Different seasons offer different items. Stuffing and frozen gluten free pie crusts hit the shelves last year mid to late October. At Christmas time, Candy Cane Joe Joe’s get restocked. To see the newest product releases, I highly recommend following the Instagram account @traderjoesglutenfree, as well as the official Trader Joe’s account, highlighted below.


Trader Joe’s offers more than I can possibly photograph and mention. Please comment with your favorite Trader Joe’s gluten free items below!

Trader Joe’s Online Info

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Don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby? You may like this list about Gluten Free Finds at Aldi.  You may also find my Plum Market and Horrock’s Farm Market shopping guides to be helpful.


  1. Wow, I haven’t been to TJ’s in ages. I had no idea there were this many gf items. Just curious, did you go to the one in Grand Rapids or a different one? Thanks!!

  2. I cannot find the fish filets anymore. They had a recall and haven’t replaced them. I hope they do for fish sandwiches!

  3. Thank you, Margaret, for this site! It’s very helpful! Also, shout out to Michigan where I’m also from. I am considering trying some Trader Joe’s brown jasmine rice, even though it’s not labeled gluten free. I am curious, have you tried some TJ products that aren’t labeled GF and if so, how did it go for you?

    1. I’ve eaten the Cauliflower Gnocchi, which is not labeled gluten free, without issut. Because of the way rice is grown, harvested and processed, I would have NO concern trying a plain rice that’s not labeled gluten free. (A box and flavored rice blend i might have more concern about trying.)

  4. My 22 year old son just received Celiac diagnosis (we live in Grand Rapids MI area). He lives with us currently – and I’m trying to understand food labeling etc..
    Do you feel confident that everything in Trader Joe’s that’s labeled GF, without the certified label, is safe?

  5. Trader Joes has a gluten free list in the store. I have also gone to the managers desk and they have looked up an item for me. They are very gluten friendly and well informed.

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