Michigan Cider Mills with Gluten Free Donuts

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Fall in the Great Lakes State is synonymmous with apple cider, donuts and hay rides. Thankfully, many Michigan gluten free cider mill locations offer gluten free donuts. Support one of these businesses, who partner with dedicated gluten free bakeries.

gluten free cider mills

Growing up in Lansing, our family made a yearly trip to Uncle John’s Cider Mill. The location has grown greatly since I was a child. However, they don’t offer gluten free donuts. (They do make some amazing hard cider, tho!) Now, I travel to the east side of the state, to support one of these Michigan businesses that offer gluten free cider mill donuts.

Greater Detroit – also made by Gluten Free Specialties (gluten & dairy free)

For many years, Gluten Free Specialties in Rochester supplied gluten free donuts to just Yates Cider Mill and Franklin Cider Mill. Then, in 2019, many Michigan cider mills responded to customer demand, and partnered with Gluten Free Specialties. If you want a cider mill in your area to carry gluten free donuts, speak up and tell them about gluten free bakers in your area! 

Yates Cider Mill Gluten Free Donuts and Cider
almar orchards collage

Please be alert- In previous years, The Country Mill had both the donuts from Gluten Free Specialties, AND house made “gluten friendly” RICE donuts, sold in a package of 6. Their gluten friendly RICE donuts were cooked in a shared fryer. The gluten free donuts in packages of 2 are from Gluten Free Specialties, and are made in a dedicated gluten free facility.  Read more on my Facebook page

They will be offering gluten free and vegan donuts made by Shimmy Shack this year. 

Greater Grand Rapids  – made by Kind Crumbs (gluten, soy, nut free and vegan)

Kind Crumbs in Grand Rapids specializes in commerical production of gluten free baked goods. You find them in stores such as Harvest Health, D&W Fresh Market, and Foods for Living in East Lansing. However, you can also find them at these farm markets and cider mills in western Michigan. Click here for donut ingredient information. 

red barn market cover photo

Greater Grand Rapids – Made by Rise Authentic Baking (gluten, egg & dairy free)

Rise Authentic Baking will be selling donuts, until they run out, at Schwallier’s on October 1st and 8th, from 9 am to 12 pm.

Google Map of Michigan Cider Mills with Gluten Free Donuts


Both Gluten Free Specialties and Kind Crumbs ship their donuts. Gluten Free Specialties ships their donuts nationwide. Kind Crumbs ONLY ships their donuts within the state of Michigan. You can order from Gluten Free Specialties by visiting their website. To order donuts from Kind Crumbs (which are gluten free AND vegan), you will have to call them

Store Bought Donuts

Not finding any cider mills near you with gluten free options? There are two gluten free brands which makes delicious, commercially available gluten free donuts. Both Katz and Kinnikinnick donuts contain no dairy, nuts or soy. While you can order them online, you can also find Katz and Kinnikinnick donuts in your local stores. Find Katz Donuts on Amazon.  (affiliate link)

Another option is to buy gluten free donuts from one of the many dedicated gluten free bakers in Michigan. Find my complete list, organized by geographic region, at this link. Buy a package the whole family can enjoy, take them with you to the cider mill, and have a small family picnic!

Homemade Gluten Free Donuts

Two Ingredient Allergen-Friendly Gluten-Free Pumpkin Donuts

Of course, one can always make their own gluten free donuts, and take them to the cider mill. My two ingredient gluten free pumpkin donuts are truly a hit this time of year. Depending on which cake mix you use, these can easily be made free from the top 8 allergens. These chocolate dipped gluten free cake donuts are also free from the top 8 allergens.

Looking for gluten free donuts with fancier flavors? My friend Chrystal from Gluten Free Palate is a donut guru! Her gluten free cinnamon sugar donuts look perfect!  My friend Johnna from In Johnna’s Kitchen compiled the ultimate list of 52 gluten free donut recipes. There’s sure to be one to fulfill your gluten free donut cravings.

Did I miss any? What other Michigan cider mill locations do you like to frequent? Leave me a note in the comments! 


    1. This is a complete list of all the cider mills I know about, that offer gluten free donuts prepared in a dedicated gluten free prep space. As for the southwest, I would recommend a trip to any of the cider mills in the greater Grand Rapids area, that are on the list.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. I travel up the west side of Michigan to the Grand Haven area and was wondering if there we any closer than GR.

    2. Phillips orchard in st johns does gluten free cookies and apple crisp. They do not have gluten free donuts though. Horrocks store in Lansing sells gluten free and vegan donuts from groovy donuts.

      1. Thanks for your comment. Please know that items at Phillips Orchard are made in a shared kitchen. I do NOT recommend the “gluten friendly” donuts from Groovy as they are cooked in a shared frhyer with wheat based donuts.

  1. Thanks for the reply! Travel a lot to the Grand Haven area and was wondering if anything closer to there than Grand Rapids.

  2. Just a heads up, at Franklin they don’t warm them for you and you have to go out to the cheese hut to warm them. The cheese thing wasn’t open today so I had to wait until I got home.

    Yates always warms them for you.

  3. Wondering if (and hoping) Blake’s will offer GF donuts at its newly acquired South Lyon location (formerly Erwin’s Orchards). Do you have any information on this, Margaret?

  4. Thank you sooo much for this list. This is my first year being gluten-free after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and the only thing I felt like I was missing was my fall trip to an orchard for donuts and cider!

    1. You’re very welcome. We’re very lucky that there are cider mills in Michigan that recognize the need, and are willing to partner with dedicated bakers. Please feel free to reach out with questions at anytime. 🙂

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