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Recently I took a vacation with my husband. No prearranged dates, deadlines or to-d0’s. IT WAS WONDERFUL. I snapped a few shots along the way, wanting to share my gluten free Houston finds with you! Let me know in the comments what you love and what I missed!

gluten free houston hobby airport landing

Flying, Gluten Free, To Houston

We made it! Our arrival to Houston was not not without it hiccups. However, it included some delicious homemade gluten free chicken and bacon alfredo pizza. In addition, we also sat next to the most charming man from Mumbai, currently working for Chrysler. We had a fascinating talk about air flight, car engines, and the traditions of India.

We experienced a delay between Dallas and Houston. But thankfully, there was Chick-Fil-A soft serve ice cream, which of course makes everything better. We finally arrived at our location, in Houston, somewhere around 1 a.m.

I suppose I should back up a bit to explain the reason behind my gluten free Houston vacation. One of my dearest friends live. My dear Sarah, (I’ve written about her and her family’s influence in my life, here) lives in Houston with her husband Amit. She and I lived as college roommates for 3 years, and she was one of the two bridesmaids in my wedding.  To be honest, as much as there is to do and see in Houston, I felt most excited just to be in their presence.

true food kitchen menu

True Food Kitchen

After a good night sleep. we slowly roused. A late breakfast accompanied dog cuddles and a rousing time of “throw the ball for the dog.” I mean, does life get much better than that?

Our first day included a trip to True Food Kitchen. Both Amit and Sarah follow a vegetarian diet, and I really wanted to find a restaurant that fit both of our dietary restrictions. After some searching on Find Me Gluten Free, I discovered True Food Kitchen in the Galleria area.

I felt even better about dining there when friends In Johnna’s Kitchen, Casey the College Celiac, and Alysa Bajenaru all raved about it, too! We had a great meal, which I plan to share more about in depth, later.

Gluten Free Houston Toaster Bags and Whole Foods Gluten Free Bread

Doesn’t Everyone Go Grocery Shopping?

After lunch, we ventured next door to Whole Foods to buy gluten free bread, and coffee for my husband. I was able to make toast in their toaster, thanks to my Toastabags! (Which I bought at a Menard’s at 7 in the morning, before we left.)

After that we made a trip to Sprouts Market, as I’ve heard friends RAVE about this store. Someone suggested that it’s owned by the same parent company that owns Fresh Thyme markets. (It is not.)

On recommendation from Mary Ellen of Milk N Honey Nutrition, I bought the chocolate covered rice cakes. And this my friends, is why I like to visit grocery stores in every new city I venture to- because they have things we don’t!

Gluten Free Houston Sprouts
Gluten Free Houston Poha Prepared

Next Stop – Indian Market!

While I looked forward to trying new restaurants in gluten free Houston, I REALLY looked forward to home cooking. Sarah’s husband Amit is from India, and a wonderful cook. We ventured to the Indian market, where Amit introduced me to Indian spices and bean flours.

We even ended up buying a 10 lb of gluten free chappati flour. Which, ironically never got opened while we were there and found it’s way into my luggage on the return flight. Suffice to say, I tried enough foods I want to replicate. So stay tuned for Indian foods.

Gluten Free Houston San Jacinto Battle Monument

San Jacinto Battle Memorial

While on vacation, I tried to not be on my phone all the time. We spent Sunday sight seeing. We ventured to the San Jacinto Battle Memorial and Museum. This monument stands 567 feet tall, just 12 feet higher than the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. (Because everything is better in Texas, right?) Like the Washington Monument, it also has a reflecting pool. You can take an elevator to the top, with quite a sight of the surrounding areas.

Gluten Free Houston San Jacinto Monument Shell Fossil Walls

Pappasitos Cantina

What intrigued me most was the exterior of the building. Builders cut stone imprinted with shell fossils. We ended the evening with dinner at Pappasitos Cantina. While some on Find Me Gluten Free liked it, I didn’t. The environment was loud, and my waiter seemed unsure of himself. I did like the tableside guacamole preperation, especially because they were willing to leave out the cilantro! If you’re looking for a good gluten free Houston restaurant though, I would choose elsewhere.

Gluten Free Houston Snap Kitchen

Downtown Houston’s Underground Tunnels

The next day, my husband and I ventured into downtown Houston. Did you know the downtown buildings connect to one another through a series of underground tunnels? Also, these tunnels are not for merely walking. They house eateries, bank offices, card shops, and even a dentist.

SNAP Kitchen

We found Snap Kitchen while down there, a store that offers premade gluten free meals and snacks. All meals are organized by color- green for vegetarian, red for red meat, yellow for poultry and blue for fish. The staff answered all my curious questions. Would love to see this available in the Midwest! (Visit my post on Gluten Free Meal Delivery Services to learn more.)

Gluten Free Houston MetroRail Tickets

Downtown Houston’s MetroRail

After exploring the tunnels, we rose to the city surface in search of good coffee. Downtown we found Boomtown Coffee, which my husband enjoyed. The staff enthusiastically offered suggestions of sights to see, and informed us on how to use the MetroRail system. WHICH IS FANTASTIC! For $1.25, you can use the rail system for 3 hours, with unlimited stops. We hopped on the train and rode to the Cullen Sculpture Garden.

Gluten Free Houston Cullen Sculpture Garden Cloud Tower

Cullen Sculpture Garden

My husband loves displays of public art. This public outdoor art display did not disappoint. It includes sculptures from Rodin, Matisse, and more. Of most intriguing note to me is the Cloud Column, made by the same sculptor who made Cloud Gate (The Bean) in downtown Chicago. I love finding pieces that connect me to other places and time in my life. After that, we made a quick stop at the Museum of Fine Arts for a potty break, then off to find lunch.

Gluten Free Houston Your Pie Gluten Free Pizza

Your Pie

After some public transportation confusion, we finally ended up at Your Pie on Main St. Ironically, after taking this picture, I realized I previously visited one in Murfreesboro. This gluten free Houston eatery excelled compared to the TN location.

Staff created my pizza in back, in a clean prep area, with fresh toppings. They cooked my gluten free pizza on a metal pan to prevent cross contact with other pizzas. They also offered gluten free hard cider, as well as red and white wines. I passed, but my husband enjoyed one of the many local, Texas beers they had on top. Huge kudos to the staff there!

Gluten Free Houston Bella Green

Bella Green – The Heights

First let me preface this section by stating I felt safe eating at this establishment. Based on reviews from locals and those abroad, as well as questions I asked of wait staff, I felt content in getting a good gluten free Houston meal. However, I will say that the staff weren’t the warmest. The head cashier was abrupt, another worker glared at us while we ate, and our burgers were just ok.

Everyone has an off day, including me. Just hoping that the reception (and the burgers) were warmer for others. I will say I was pleased that they were willing to do half sweet potato fries, and half regular fries with my order. To be honest, the sweet potato fries were the best part of my meal.

Gluten Free Houston Just Vanilla Bakeshop

Houston Gluten Free Bakeries

While we were there in 2019, we visited a gluten free bakery called More Than Just Vanilla. However, it is no longer in business. A quick search on Find Me Gluten Free suggests Leven Bakery & Cafe, as well as Bare Bakery. Renia Butler of Black Allergy Mama recommends Awesome Bites Co. For even more Houston Gluten Free recommendations, reach out to my good friend Mary Ellen at Milk and Honey Nutrition.

We ended that night, back at Sarah’s home. She made paella, and we ate around the table in friendship. There’s so much to see in this world, and in Houston. Meanwhile, I’m content with lazy days in pajamas, surrounded with friends who are like family. Now that we are back in the frozen tundra of Michigan, I wish our time there could have been longer. But alas, time moves on!

**Have you been to Houston, Texas? What wonderful gluten free finds did you discover there? **


  1. Next time try a place called The Cedar in Huffman Texas. It has fried fish & shrimp. Everything is or can be made GF. You can also have burgers at Culvers. They offer a GF bun. You can have a wonderful bbq baked potato or burger at Tin Roof BBQ also.

  2. Bella Green in The Woodlands has been my favorite GF eaterie
    for many years. The hempenadas are wonderful as is the carrot cake.

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