Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kits

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Want to decorate Christmas cookies, but don’t want to bake? Or need a gluten free option for a child to decorate during a class or event with friends? I’ve compiled a list of Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kits being offered by Michigan bakers. Don’t live in Michigan? Sweet Encounter and Third Coast Bakery ship nationwide!

Tips on Ordering Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kits

First, I am not a baker. If you email through the contact form on this page, you will not get connected to a bakery. The email will come to me, and you cannot order from me. And then we’ll have to play tag, and ain’t nobody got time for that. (lol) 

Second, each business is linked to the interview I did with them. Their contact information is AT THE BOTTOM of their respective interview. That includes links to their website, email and social media accounts, as well as their physical store address, if they have one. 

Kind Crumbs Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kit
Kind Crumbs Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kit

Kind Crumbs (Grand Rapids) – Ordering Deadline: December 19th

“They include 12 ounces of cookies (about 10-12), three containers of vegan vanilla frosting, and festive Christmas colored sprinkles!
The kits are gluten-free and dairy-free. The sprinkles do contain soy.We have a vegan, soy-free, and dye-free sprinkle option available upon request.

They will be available in many grocery stores and coffee shops in the area as well as on our website. Orders must be placed two business days in advance, and all orders must be placed before Monday December 19 to guarantee availability before Christmas.”

Cost $25 (NO SHIPPING) No Shipping. Order online for in store pick up.

Rise Authentic Baking (Grand Rapids) – December 9th

Rise Authentic’s gluten free Christmas cookie kit includes 6 gluten free and vegan sugar cookies, frosting and sprinkles.

Cost $20 (Order Online) No Shipping

Gluten Free Sensations Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kit
Gluten Free Sensations Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kit

Gluten Free Sensations (Three Rivers) – Ordering Deadline: December 12th

They have Sugar Cookie and Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Kits. The kits come with 6 cookies, 3 colors royal icing in piping bags, plenty of sprinkles and instructions. Cost- Available in store only. Visit store for details

Sweet Encounter Bakery Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kit
Sweet Encounter Bakery Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kit

Sweet Encounter Bakery (Lansing) – Ordering Deadline: December 18th

Sweet Encounters Gluten Free Christmas cookie kits includes one dozen cookies, royal icing, and sprinkles.
Cookies are gluten and peanut free. Vegan option available. 
Cost- $36-40. Order Online or email. SHIPPING AVAILABLE

Golly Gee Gluten Free (Lansing) Ordering Deadline: December 13th

12 Unfrosted Sugar Cookies – No Frosting or Decorations
Cost- $15. Order via FB Messenger. No Shipping

Meadowview Acres Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kit
Meadowview Acres Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kit

Meadowview Acres (St. Johns) – Ordering Deadline: December 18

Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kits – Choice of Gingerbread or Sugar Cookies
Includes 4 icing bags and sprinkles
Cost- $25. Order via Facebook Message or Email No Shipping

Yum! Baked Goods (Mt. Pleasant) – Ordering Deadline: Unknown

Cost: 1/2 Dozen Sugar Cookies- $9 ; One dozen Cookies – $18; 3 colors of buttercream- $6.75
Follow link to find out how to order (No Shipping)

By Grace Cakes (Jackson) 

Call for details (989) 572-9469. No Shipping

Rumi’s Passion (Plymouth) – Ordering Deadline: December 16

Rumi’s Passion kit includes 8 gluten, dairy and nut free cookies with two kinds of frosting and 3 kinds of sprinkles.
Cost- $29.95 Place order at store or call (734) 335-7145, No shipping

Sweet Freedom (Plymouth) – Ordering Deadline: Varies Depending on Pickup Date

Small Kit includes 6 cookies, 3 bags of icing, and assorted sprinkles
Large Kit includes 12 cookies, 6 bags of icing, and 2 containers of assorted sprinkles
Shapes Options – Hanukkah (Dreidel, Menorah and Star of David), Let It Snow (Snowflake), or Ugly Sweater
Cost – Small Kit $20. Large Kit $38 Order online. No Shipping
**Further Updates will be coming later this week.

Gluten Free Specialties (Rochester Hills)- Ordering Deadline:

32 oz. Gluten and Dairy Free Cookie Dough Cost – Visit store for details

The Allergy Table Top 8 Allergen Free Christmas Cookie Kit
The Allergy Table Top 8 Allergen Free Christmas Cookie Kit

The Allergy Table (Rochester Hills)  – Pickup 

Each Top 8 Allergen free Christmas Cookie Kit Contains: 12 Christmas cutout shapes (snowman, trees, snowflakes, candy canes, etc..) varies per kit . 3 Frosting Colors (red, green, white) in easy to use piping bags and 2 festive frosting sprinkle varieties

Cost – $35 (Order Online) NO SHIPPING

Third Coast Bakery Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kits
Third Coast Bakery Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Kit

Third Coast Bakery (Traverse City) – Ordering Deadline: 

12 Gluten and Dairy Free Holiday-Shaped Sugar Cookie Cutouts . Includes 1 Container of Vanilla Frosting – Just add your own food coloring, 1 Tube of White Pearl Candies, 1 Tube of Organic, Crushed Peppermint Candies and 1 Tube of Decorating Sugar (Red/Green Blend)

This kit (pictured above) is entirely gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, GMO-free and vegan. Plus, the peppermint candies and decorating sugars are naturally colored with plant-based pigments. Nothing artificial!

Cost – $34.99 Available In Store and Online SHIPPING AVAILABLE


Little GF Chefs Christmas Cookie Baking Kit
Little GF Chefs Christmas Cookie Baking Kit

Little GF Chefs – These kits include mixes to bake your own cookies. 

The Top 8 Allergen Free Christmas Cookies Baking Kit Includes:

Sugar Cookie Mix
2 Cookie Cutters – Christmas Tree and Stocking 
Icing Sugar
Green plant-based food coloring
Red plant-based sanding sugar
Green plant-based sanding sugar
Piping bag

COST- $38.25. Order online. Save 10% with code MIGFGAL

Simply Flourless Gluten Free Cookie Kits

Simply Flourless – Snowman Sugar Cookie Kit & Gingerbread Kit both available

Kits include recipe card, dry ingredients, and cookie cutter

Cost– Snowman: $27.95 (Dairy Free $29.95) ; Gingerbread $28.95


Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Recipes

Gluten Free Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipes

Want to  make cookies from scratch? Here are the recipes I recommend. 

Flippin Delicious Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Recipes (Contains Eggs and Dairy) 

This is my go-to sugar cookie recipes. The blog post is long. However, this is because Flippin Delicious has taken the time tto answer just about any question one could ask. She does give tips on making this recipe egg free and dairy free. She also discusses which flour blends have worked best for her.

Eating Gluten and Dairy Free Softest Sugar Cookie Recipe (Dairy Free. Contains Eggs) 

I have not tried this recipe. However, this website has increasingly been my go-to for recipes that are dairy free. It does use sweet rice flour, and not a traditional gluten free flour blend. 

This Dairy Free & Gluten Free Sugar Cookie recipe from What Molly Made uses Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 Flour (Blue Bag) 

Allergylicious Best Gluten Free Vegan Sugar Cookie Recipe (Dairy Free and Egg Free) 

I adore Allergylicious. And I love her adorable llama sugar cookies. If you need cookies that are gluten, egg and dairy free, this is the one I would recommend

A Dash of Megnut Gluten Free Ugly Sweater Cookies

Tips on Decorating Sugar Cookies

My friend Megan from A Dash of Megnut is the QUEEN of decorated sugar cookies. Follow this link for her archive of all her gluten free decorated cookies. She gives recipes for royal icing, and more. 

Cookie Decorating Tools

I am a huge fan of all things Wilton. Above are some of my favorites for decorating cookies, plus the Pampered Chef Mini Spatula that I SWEAR by. Please be advised that this contains Amazon affiliate links. I do earn a (very) small percentge in advertising revenue. However, it does not impact what you are charged. I also earn commission on the items you buy thru the search box as well. 

Hopefully this helps you make some great memories, plus allows you to support Michigan small business owners. If you know others who would benefit from this information, please share it on your social media channels. 
Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. 

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