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By now it’s mid-may and most of the Aldi gluten free special buy products have left the building. Never fear, because I’ve done the detective work to help you find them again. From their original makers! (Or something similar!)

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I took the time to research and compare each ingredient list. Some are simply brands we know and love, in a new box. Others are products that Aldi likely asked brands to tweak a bit, to get them to a lower price point. Either way, you don’t have to be completely sad that May is over!

Never been to Aldi before? Check out my post about shopping for gluten free items at Aldi.

Identical Replicas

Many of the Aldi gluten free special buy products come from established gluten free companies. Aldi simply repackages them in their own labeling. These products have identical, word for word, ingredients on the label. (Photos in this section courtesy of the brands they represent.)

Live G Free Gluten Free English Muffins

The ingredients for the Live G Free English mufffins are IDENTICAL to the Katz Gluten Free English Muffins.  If you sign up for their newsletter, they often highlight sales thru their website. Not a fan of online shopping? Use the Store Locator on their website to find their products near you. 

Live G Free Gluten Free Chocolate Frosted and Glazed Donuts

katz gluten free chocolate frosted donuts

If you thought this Aldi gluten free special buy tasted familiar, you’re right. Katz makes both of these donut flavors. (And many more!) Order from their website, Amazon, or use their store locator to find them in a store near you. (Can’t eat egg? Try my basic gluten free baked donut recipe and dip them in Enjoy Life Chocolate!) Miss the Christmas Gingerbread and Cranberry donuts? Katz offers those as well! 

Live G Free Gluten Free Texas Toast (not a May item)

Aldi has offered the Katz Texas Toast in the actual Katz packaging before. They’ve also offered it in the Live G Free packaging. It’s fairly safe to assume the Aldi Texas Toast is in fact made by Katz. 

Live G Free Gluten Free Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins and Blueberry Zucchini Muffins (not a May item)

Noticing a trend here? Earlier this year Aldi offered Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins. While some thought they were made by Veggies Made Great, after looking at the ingredient list, I’m fairly certain they were made by Katz. 

Live G Free Gluten Free Fresh Pasta (Fettuccine, Tortellini, etc.)

taste republic gluten free linguine

The ingredient label for the Aldi noodles matches exactly with Taste Republic gluten free noodles. Find them at Whole Foods or order from their website.

Live G Free Gluten Free Fresh Lasagna Roll Ups and Stuffed Shells

One of Manini’s Gluten Free Lasagna Roll Ups signature features is the use of ancien grains in their products. This includes sorghum, teff, millet and amaranth. Due to increased cost of shipping, you can no longer order frozen items directly from them. They are, however, available through Amazon Fresh. You can also use their store locator to find their products near you. I know I’ve seen them at Fresh Thyme in East Lansing, Michigan.   

LiveGFree Gluten Free Fresh Pizza Dough

This FRESH gluten free pizza dough is made by Manini’s. The use of whole grain millet, sorghum and other ancient grains is what convinces me this is the same manufacturer. This product is vegan and rice free. Just like the fresh ravioli, you need to use Amazon Fresh to find it near you. Or try their store locator.

Live G Free Gluten Free Frozen Cheese Ravioli

Celentano gluten free ravioli

I thought Conte’s made the Aldi ravioli. Wrong. A company named Celentano produces them. The “dried whole eggs” as an ingredient in both brands clued me in! Use their “where to buy” feature to find them near you.

Live G Free Gluten Free Egg Rolls

Much like the empandas, there are very few companies that make gluten free egg rolls. (Feel Good Foods and Lucky Spring Rolls) I’m fairly certain that Feel Good Foods make the Egg Rolls for Aldi. 

Earth Grown Vegan Vegetable Potstickers (not a May item)

Much like the Earth Grown Vegan Potstickers at Aldi, Feel Good Foods offers a gluten free vegan potsticker. (They also offer a chicken one, if you eat meat.) Use the Feel Good Foods website store locator to find their products near you. 

Fremont Fish Market Gluten Free Boom Boom Shrimp (Not a May item)

While I haven’t compared the ingredients one-to-one, it is highly possibe that Aldi sources this product from Northern Chef. Nothern Chef makes many gluten free frozen seafood products. In the past I’ve seen them at Meijer, but not sure if they’re still available there. (Royal Asia also sells a gluten free Boom Boom Shrimp. Royal Asia and Northern Chef are owned by the same parent company.)

Live G Free Gluten Free PB + J Bites (and other flavors) (not a May item)

live g free pb+j bites May aldi gluten free special buy

Without a doubt, I knew Michigan’s own The GFB made the  Aldi gluten free special buy “bites.” Order from their website, Amazon, or use their store locator to find them near you!

Live G Free Gluten Free Cheesecake Sampler

Aldi's Gluten Free Cheesecake

The biggest showstopper in the Aldi gluten free special buy lineup is the gluten free cheesecake sampler. Alas, Atlanta Cheesecake Company appears to only offer them at a store called Dierberg’s in Missouri. Daiya Foods makes dairy free cheesecake that is also gluten free. It can be found at many grocery store chains. 

Incredibly Similar Ingredients for Past Items

These Aldi gluten free special buy products contain ingredients VERY close to certain brands. Sometimes, Aldi will ask them to reformulate a product to make it slightly cheaper. I share why I believe these are the brands you’re looking for.

Live G Free Gluten Free Stuffing

You don’t need to hoard all the stuffing every Fall. Aleia’s makes gluten free stuffing year round. Meijer sells it, as well as Fresh Thyme and other stores. While they don’t have separate “turkey and chicken” flavors like Aldi, this stuff is just as good. 

Live G Free Gluten Free Fried Onions

Kroger sells Organic Gluten Free Fried Onions ALL YEAR ROUND. That *should* include their other stores, such as Ralph’s, King Soopers, Fry’s, Harris Teeter, and more. Check your local store’s website, and it should tell you what aisle they’re located in. At my store they’re in Aisle 2. 

Live G Free Gluten Free Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns

When I searched Google for the ingredients in these buns, Little Northern Bakehouse showed to be the closest. The ingredients listed are almost identical to the Aldi buns, minus the millet and chia. Bonus, these contain no eggs!

Live G Free Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Little northern bakehouse cinnamon raisin bread

Is the Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin bread your favorite May Aldi gluten free special buy? Little Nothern Bakehouse makes an almost identical product as well! You can order a case of them on Amazon.

No Comparison – Unique Items

I performed my best sleuthing. However, I failed to find exact or even incredibly close replicas of these May Aldi gluten free special buy products. Therefore, I mention brands that offer great alternatives.

Live G Free Gluten Free Boxed Skillet Dinners

I can’t find a name brand company that sells meals like this. Walmart sells a similar product, so hopefully you can find it in your local Walmart. You can also try Iowa Girl Eats’ recipe for Homemade Cheeseburger Helper

Live G Free Gluten Free Frozen Skillet Meals

Conte's gluten free skillet meal

I almost bet that Conte’s produced the Aldi gluten free special buy skillet meals. However, the ingredients didn’t match at all. However, I imagine they taste similar. Order directly from Conte’s website, or from Gluten Free Mall. (P.S. They make gluten free stuffed shells, too!)

Live G Free Gluten Free Croutons

aleia's croutons cookies and stuffing

These croutons list rice milk as the first ingredient. Despite my searching, I found no identical gluten free crouton counterpart. However, I highly recommend Aleia’s gluten free croutons! Order from their website or use their store locator.

Live G Free Gluten Free Angel Food Cake Mix

kinnikinnick angel food cake mix

The only commercially made gluten free angel food cake mix I know of is produced by Kinnickinnick in Canada. While the Aldi LiveGFree mix is not identical, the Kinnickinnick may be a good alternative. Order it through their website or Amazon. Also, Meaningful Eats created a perfect gluten free Angel Food Cake recipe!

Live G Free Gluten Free Lemon Cake Mix

authentic foods gluten free lemon cake mix

Love that lemon cake mix? (It pairs so nicely with my mother-in-law’s lemon curd filing!) Authentic Foods makes the closest replica I could find. Order it online through the Gluten Free Supermarket site or use their store locator.

Live G Free Gluten Free Key Lime Cake Mix

Friends, I’m at a loss. I found no gluten free cake mixes with key lime flavor. If you crave key lime flavor, you might want to try this new Gluten Free Banana Lime Bread from GF Jules. Someone mentioned that they used King Arthur Measure for Measure in Trisha Yearwood’s Key Lime Cake and it tasted fabulous.

Never Any Chicken with Orange Sauce or Sweet and Sour Chicken

I got nothing. I searched the internet for over an hour, and I couldn’t find a similar product. Every frozen orange chicken meal I found contained wheat. I recommend this Crispy Gluten Free Orange Chicken recipe from Mama Gourmand, instead. 

Well friends, there you have it. Hopefully this list helps fulfill your Aldi gluten free special buy longings, all throughout the year. In addition, I hope I introduced you to some new brands to support. Feel free to check out my list of Aldi gluten free products available year round. 

Are there any Special Buy products I missed? Tell me in the comments below. 

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Originally Published May 2019


  1. Thanks so much! Super helpful! Still trying to search for a replacement for their general tso’s though…

      1. I haven’t seen it in any of my local stores in the GF Live G Free brand, only a gluten containing version. Sooo miss this product.

        1. Dear James,
          Thanks for commenting. Which product are you specifically referring to? These products are only available (traditionally) in May, which was my motivation in suggesting alternatives. Perhaps if you can tell me which product you’re looking for, I can recommend something

      1. I can’t compare the Aldi cheesecake to Atlanta Cheesecake Company because ACC version is by far superior. Richer and a different crust.

  2. I feel bad for folks who haven’t had the Katz donuts. I’m so glad to know that the Aldi brand is the same!! Thank you so much for all this research!

  3. Thanks so much! Any idea on where to buy something similar to the Hot Pocket type frozen sandwiches that Aldi used to carry?

  4. Aldi has all of a sudden stopped stocking the Live G Free pancake baking mix and it was awesome. Hoping they will bring it back

  5. Aldi has become much less relevant to me since discontinuing so many very good and well priced GF products. I have yet to find a decent mac and cheese replacement. Very disappointing all around.

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