Michigan Coffee Shop Gluten Free Offerings

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Sometimes, a girl or a fella simply wants a gluten free donut or muffin with their cuppa joe. Or tea. Or beverage of your choice. Sharing my compiled list of Michigan coffee shop gluten free offerings across the state!

Michigan Coffee Shop Gluten Free options

My husband has three foodie loves in life. Beer. Cheese. Coffee. We have a deal. When we check out a gluten free restaurant or bakery, he gets to visit the nearest coffee shop. However, I always lament that there are no safe gluten free “goodies” around. After reaching out to my baker friends, I realize Michigan baristas offer lots of options!

**Note– Please know that those baking under Cottage Law, from their home, are prohibited from selling their baked goods at a commercial business. Why? Because their kitchen has not been inspected by the health department. Only baked goods made in a commercial kitchen can be sold in additional locations. 

West Coast / Grand Rapids

kind crumbs muffins
Photo Courtesy of Kind Crumbs

Kind Crumbs Products

205 Coffee Bar (Holland)
Banana Dog Tea (Muskegon)
Bodhi Tree Juice Co. (Grand Haven)
Side Bar Artisan Coffee (Grand Haven)
Maggie’s Be Cafe (Hudsonville)
Wildroast Coffee (Grandville)
Nonna’s Pantry (Ada)
Affogato Ice Cream and Coffee (Allendale)
Lucy’s Cafe (Grand Rapids)
Switchback Gear & Exchange (Grand Rapids)

Rise authentic baking update waffle pop up Roots Brew Shop

Rise Authentic Baking Products (all located in Grand Rapids)

Squibb Coffee Wealthy Street
Squibb Coffee in the Downtown Market
Outside Coffee
Morning Ritual Coffee (formerly corridor)
Roots Brew Shop
Schuil Coffee
Sparrows Coffee East
Sparrows Coffee North
Bodhi Tree Juice
Everplay Cafe

Kalamazoo / Southwest Michigan

Lansing / Central Michigan

Hooked Coffee & Bookstore – Lansing (Sweet Encounter)
Ayven Grace Coffee & Studio – Laingsburg (made in house)

Brighton / Ann Arbor

cultivate coffee ypsilanti coffee shop gluten free options Gr8 Bakes

Gr8 Bakes Products (Gr8 Bakes is temporarily on hiatus)

Tasty Bakery Products

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea (Kerrytown & Ypsilanti only)
Zingerman Next Door Cafe (Ann Arbor)
Vertex Coffee (Ann Arbor)
Bearclaw Coffee, on Washtenaw, in Ann Arbor
Thrive Juicery  (Ann Arbor)
Brewed Awakenings (Saline)
Uptown Coffeehouse in Howell

Agricole Farm Stop in Chelsea

Argus Farm Stop

Nourish Juicery and Kitchen Products

Starling Lounge  Blissfield
Buzz Cafe  Adrian

Detroit / Metro Area

coffee shop gluten free options coffee stock photo
Stock photo courtesy pexels.com

Anthology Coffee Detroit (all items baked in house, gluten free kitchen)

Rumi’s Passion Products

Carrigan Cafe Saline
Agricole Farm Stop (Chelsea)
Apothecary Espresso and Coffee– Farmington
Commonwealth– Birmingham
Simply Fresh Cafe– Brighton
Espresso Elevado (Plymouth)


Java Coffee House South Lyon
The Corner Social South Lyon
Ground Control in Downtown Farmington
Espresso Elevado (Plymouth)

Plymouth Coffee Bean (from Tasty Bakery)

Gluten Free Specialties

Bakehouse 46   Rochester, Birmingham and Ann Arbor (donuts)

mocha donuts on plate with V60 (1)

Flint / Saginaw / Thumb Region

Populace Coffee Bay City (made in house, double check prep methods before ordering)

Northern Michigan

Third Coast Bakery Gluten Free Donut Selection

Bliss Bakery (keto, grain free)

Galley Sweet Shop Alpena (Bliss Bakery)

Third Coast Bakery Products

Cuppa Joe , Traverse City
Espresso Bay, Traverse City
Table 12 Coffee, Traverse City
Leelanau Coffee Roasters, Glen Arbor
Pedaling Beans Coffee House, Lake Leelanau
Planetary Coffee, Elk Rapids
Red Door Coffee House, Lake Ann
Cornerstone Coffee, McBain
Shoreline Cafe, Lake City

Upper Peninsula

Edelweiss Coffee Iron Mountain (Dulce Nulla)

Organic Grounds Coffeehouse, Iron Mountain
5th and Elm Coffee House, Houghton (shared kitchen, dedicated GF bread maker, no separate toaster)

Please see comments below for additional location suggestions.

Wish that a coffee shop near you carried gluten free products? Show them my list of dedicated gluten free bakers, and help them connect! Know a coffee house serving 100% gluten free baked goods? Leave a comment below!


  1. Also, Saunder’s Bakery on River in Holland! They have a lot of gluten free options AND just launched a brand new lunch menu!

  2. None in the UP? I beg to differ. I know of at least three, all in the Keweenaw.

    Café Rosetta in Calumet is fantastic! Great coffee, a lot of gluten free and vegan options make in-house, including gf pannukkau, which if you don’t know is a Finnish pancake somewhat similar-to-but-totally-different from a crepe.

    Bookworm in Houghton is also worth mentioning. It offers some in-house gluten-free pastries and desserts as well as ice cream in gluten free cones. Coffee is locally sourced from Keweenaw Coffee Works up in Calumet.

    Also in Houghton is 5th & Elm Coffee House. Coffee also come from Keweenaw Coffee Works and they offer sandwiches on gluten-free bread. I don’t think it’s made in-house, but I believe it’s locally sourced from a bakery in town.

    And, on a separate note, this list definitely needs to list Dripworks Coffee in Petoskey. I’m not gluten-free, but my wife is, and their gluten-free donuts are some of the best donuts I’ve had period. They’re so good, that we’ve literally driven out of our way for them before. Coffee is pretty good too.

    1. Thanks for these recommendations. I wasn’t trying to diss the UP. I just haven’t been there yet. I don’t know of any 100% dedicated gluten free bakers in the UP, and I had been relying on those bakers to tell me where there treats were offered.

  3. Walnut and park typically has at least one gf muffin choice and some cookies at times. There is also a coffee shop in otsego Mezzo I think that always has options!!!

  4. Oasis Health Foods and More offer organic coffee and gluten free vegan baked goods. Specifically muffins and adding more soon.
    Waterford Michigan
    76 N. Williams Lake Rd Waterford
    We have a gluten free smoothie/coffee bar with a dedicated gluten free bakery

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