Wholesome Grounds- Laingsburg

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Wholesome Grounds, formerly Ayven Grace Coffee and Studio in Laingsurg, Michigan is worth its own road trip. Great coffee, lovely teas, and amazing gluten free baked goods make this business a “must visit.” Their gluten free cinnamon rolls are amazing!

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Where is Wholesome Grounds?

Wholesome Grounds is located on East Grand River in Laingsburg. Unfamiliar with Laingsburg? This small town of 1,300 people is located about halfway between 127 and M-52. Laingsburg exists about 12 miles northwest of Perry. A trip from Michigan’s state capitol in Lansing will take you approximately 25 minutes. And from Sleepy Hollow State Park, it’s a short 5 minute drive.

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Where Do They Get Their Coffee From?

Ayven Grace partnered with Foster Coffee to start their business. If you’re unfamiliar with Foster Coffee, they started in the small town of Owosso, but have branched out to Flint and Owosso. Being a Flint girl, I was ecstatic to learn that Foster had a hand in helping this small town business get their start.

AGC tea blends

Do They Have Drinks Other Than Coffee?

Confession. I hate coffee. Or more correctly, coffee hates me. My go-to order is a chai latte, and they makes an awesome one. They also have their own house blends of teas, which are also available for sale so you can make a cup at home. You can also order a hot chocolate or Italian soda. And if you’re feeling super trendy, you can order a Dalgona coffee!

ayven grace coffee studio gluten free cinnamon roll

Do They Offer Gluten Free Baked Goods?

Their gluten free baked goods drew us here. A follower told me Wholesome Grounds offered gluten free baked goods. And not just baked goods, but delicious cinnamon rolls! I asked the owner how they prevented cross contact with gluten. She then told me ALL of their homemade baked goods are gluten free. Jessica also must eat gluten free, so she understands about cross contact, etc.

Ayven Grace just opened in the summer of 2020, and haven’t been super vocal about their gluten free goodies. (They changed their name to Wholesome Grounds in 2024, under new ownership. They’re still keeping their GF baked goods.)

Their menu states “ask us about our gluten free options.” She loves being able to tell inquiring customers that all of their fresh baked goods are gluten free. *They do have wheat based bread and English muffins on premises. Make sure to clarify GF status, and preparation methods before ordering.

ayven grace gluten free cookies

Gluten Free Cookies and More

They offer more than just cinnamon rolls. My husband and I ordered one cinnamon roll and one chocoalate chip cookie to share. Both were absolutely delicious. From their Facbook feed, it appears that they occassionally offer gluten free muffins as well. They also serve something called Papa’s Maple Toast, which can be served on gluten free bread.

ayven grace clothing studio

More Than Just a Coffee Shop

Interestingly enough, this amazing coffee shop is Siversten’s second business. Jessica’s original business is the Ayven Grace clothing boutique, next door. She travels the country looking for American made clothing and housewares. The clothing boutique hosts Facebook lives to showcase new apparel. Check out the  boutique’s Facebook page, which already has 20K followers!

Wholesome Grounds Location, Hours and Contact Information

Wholesome Grounds
750 East Grand River Rd
Laingsburg, MI 48848 (same plaza as Subway)
Mon-Fri 7 am – 5 pm/ Sat & Sun 9 am – 3 pm


Don’t live near Laingsburg? Check out my list of Michigan coffee shops offering great gluten free baked goods. (There are even a few in the Upper Peninsula!)


  1. I have to say I am really disappointed with this place. I wanted to get my wife a “special breakfast” of a cinnamon rolls so I figure the extra 40 mins out of the way would be worth it. I show up to the Ayven Grace at 10:30am on a Saturday morning and find out they didn’t have any cinnamon rolls or any GF bake goods. I asked is there a time when they will have them thinking maybe they ran out. The barista informed me that “there was no way to know when they would be available because it was the responsibility of the shift before them.” The cinnamon rolls do look amazing in the pictures if you are lucky enough to get one. As for me, I don’t know if I can waste my time chasing them.

    1. I can understand how disappointing it is to make a long drive and not be able to get something you were hoping for. I’ve learned calling Aveyn Grace the day before, or perhaps days in advance, and asking when they’ll be making their incredible gluten free cinnamon rolls is the best way to be able to enjoy them. Baking these insanely delicious rolls is a huge labor of love and takes an extraordinary amount of time and planning so they don’t make them all the time. The owner and staff have always been so very kind and helpful when I’ve phoned to ask about what they have each day / weekends and they’ve made sure to set aside anything special – because I kindly called and asked. It is a bit of a drive for me also. Completely worth the drive. The owner is delightful and staff so nice. I hope you’ll call them and have another go. Your wife will be thrilled as well.

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