Gluten Free Fried Fish: Frozen, Homemade, and Restaurant Options

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Missing Gluten Free Fried Fish? While great any time of year, during Lent it’s even more coveted. I’m sharing a list of products, recipes, and even restaurants offering this holy grail of gluten free deliciousness!

Gluten Free Frozen Battered & Breaded Fish

IMPORTANT NOTE- Hook Line and Savor products are no longer on the market.

Pacific Gluten Free Frozen Fish Phot Credit GfFoodieOC

Pacific Seafood makes gluten free AND wheat based products, so make sure you’re grabbing the right package. The gluten free products are certified thru the Gluten-Free Food Program. (In connection with the National Celiac Association.) Use Pacific’s store locator to find them near you. You can also order it online. This photo was taken at Sprout’s, in California. Photo credit: @EveryTastyBite on Instagram

Starfish is actually part of the Pacific line. They sell their gluten free Cod, Haddock and Fish Sticks exclusively at Whole Foods. Click the link above to see the packaging, which is different from the Pacific packaging.

Aquastar Gluten Free Alaskan Cod

The Gluten-Free Food Program states this brand has been in their certification program since 2014. Find these Aquastar gluten free fish fillets by using their store locator.

Dr Praegers Gluten Free Fish Fillets

While Dr Praeger’s may be known for their vegetarian products, these GFCO certifed gluten free fish fillets are available at Meijer and other stores. Follow this link to learn Where to Buy them near you.

Gluten Free Fish Sticks

Ian's Gluten Free Fish Sticks

Ian’s Foods is known for their allergen free products. Free from 7 of the most common allergens, they do make fish sticks. (All products are sesame free, as well.) Find these fish sticks using the Where to Buy function on their website.

trader joe's gluten free battered halibut

This is back on shelves after a recall in 2020. Personally, I don’t think the new product tastes as good as what they used to offer. However, it’s a nice option for those wanting gluten free fish. 

Findus Gluten Free Fish Sticks

These Captain Findus Gluten Free Fish sticks are a product of Germany. Completely new to me, a follower noticed these at Olesen’s Food Stores in Traverse City. I believe someone mentioned that they’re also available at Plum Market?

I see no certification logo on these, and Captin Findus makes non-gluten free breaded fish items as well. I have reached out to them to see if they test their products to verify they contain under 20 ppm of gluten. I did not receive a reply.

Gluten Free Fried Fish Recipes (Air Fryer & Baked, Too)

gluten free air fryer cod Fearless Dining
Photo Credit: Fearless Dining

Want to try you hand at making battered or breaded fish at home? These recipes listed below give you options for cooking fish in the air fryer, deep frying, or baked. I even included a recipe for Paleo Fish and Chips, for those who follow a grain free diet.

Gluten Free Fried Fish at Michigan Restaurants

fish and chips restaurant pexels valeria boltneva
Photo Credit: Valeria Boltneva via Pexels

I verified the restaurants listed below used dedicated fryers to cook their gluten free fried fish. Of course, practices can always change, so make sure to ask before you order. Please know that food cooked in shared fryers is NOT safe for those with Celiac Disease. Please see this French fry shared fryer study from Gluten Free Watchdog for more information.

Important Notes

  • Oscar and Joey’s in Birch Run is Closed. (Building is completely gone.)
  • Lil G’s in St. Johns is no longer open.
  • I have attempted to contact Noble in Grand Rapids MULTIPLE times about their food prep methods and they have not responded to me. The email I sent bounced back as undeliverable.

Hopefully I’ve given you enough options to fulfill your gluten free fish wishes. Any products I missed? Are there restaurants I need to check out? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Originally published February 2021


  1. Love fried fish, I’m going to have to keep an eye out for these brands! We buy the star fish line here and it is really good!

  2. The Cadillac House in Lexington has gluten free fried fish in a dedicated fryer. I haven’t been there yet to try, but they have told me they do.

      1. Thank you for researching that! I didn’t even think about asking that! You have so much information that I rely on. Thank you for all of it!

  3. Thank you so much for this article! I do miss fish and chips. I missed it when Costco stopped Hook Line and Savor and Trader Joe’s brand disappeared. We are back to Costco’s fish and I hope to make a trip to Mr. Mikes and have the real thing served to me.

    1. If you are ever near Saline, Salt Springs Brewery has amazing Fish & Chips!! They often are out on Mondays from the weekend so I try to go later in the week after a couple disappointed trips, lol. Luckily I live near by! They have many other options of GF food as well!

  4. Sadly, Ian’s closed up shop. When I bought the last one on the shelf at Meijer, an associate said that there were no more in the warehouse. Their social media is also dark.

    I don’t know what happened to them but it’s a big loss for me because I’m also rice free. Even so, the three nearest Kroger stores don’t carry gluten-free fish sticks of any kind. The one breaded fish I tried from trader Joe’s just isn’t it.

      1. There was an update from the owner of the account on Google and it said “Closed Forever” as of October 2022 and their last social media posts were in 2021. I’ll be optimistic with you hoping they will be revived.

  5. I had delicious gf fish and chips at Archival Brewing in Belmont. They have several gf things on their menu and a dedicated fryer. Check them out!

    1. I have been several times! I emailed the restaurant before going asking about fryers. Here’s the reply I received before after I visited them.

      Hi Pat,

      Thank you for reaching out!

      All of our fryers are gluten free. Everything we fry is naturally gluten free or is made with gluten free ingredients. Our Teriyaki sauce is also gluten free. We use Tamari instead of soy sauce, which is naturally gluten free.

      Hope to see you soon!

      Hey Pat,

      Glad you enjoyed your time with us as well as the food. We’re happy to make GF items as we have several family members that have celiac or severe gluten allergies, and want to be able to offer safe food for everyone to enjoy. We look forward to having you and your group back.


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