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Living with one food restriction is difficult. However, trying to manage multiple food restrictions proves especially daunting. These brands make top 8 allergen free snacks, which are also gluten free.

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What are Top 9 Food Allergens?

The top 8 food allergens include eggs, dairy, peanut, tree nut, sesame, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish. These account for 90% of all food allergies. However, anyone can have an allergy to anything. The FARE fact sheet notes that “40 percent of children with food allergies are allergic to more than one food.”

*Sesame joined the list of top 8 food allergens in January of 2023. Some of the items on this list may be free from the top 8, but include sesame. 

What is FALCPA?

The Food Allergen Labeling Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) requires brands to label for these top 9 allergens. This must declare this in the ingredients OR a contains statement. “Contains” statements are not required. Also know that “may contain” statements are not required nor regulated by the FDA. They are not a good predictor of whether a product actually contains an allergen / gluten.

Wheat vs. Gluten

FALCPA declares wheat as an allergen, but not gluten. Please note that rye and barley are not required to be labeled. Therefore always read labels for words such as rye, barley, malt and Brewer’s Yeast. (Brewer’s Yeast is often spent material after making regular beer.) Always, always  read food labels.

Below is a list of products that contain none of the top 8 allergens as ingredients. Most products bear a gluten free certification logo. Certifying organizations in this list include GFCO and the National Celiac Associaton. This post includes Amazon affiliate links, which gives me part of the sale for advertising. It does not impact the price you pay.

Top 8 Allergen Free Snacks – Seeds and Such

Super Seedz

Michigan Gluten Free Camp SuperSeedz

SuperSeedz come in various flavors, including Sea Salt, Cinnamon & Sugar and Cocoa Joe. They undergo third party testing to verify they are gluten free. Find SuperSeedz on Amazon 

That’s It Snacks

That’s It Snacks are free from the top 12 food allergens. They offer fruit snacks bars, a dried fruit and seed snack mix, and dried fruit truffles. All gluten, dairy, and soy free! Shop directly from their website, or Amazon

Greater Knead Bagel Chips

greater knead bagel chips

Possibly best known for their bagels, The Greater Knead also makes gluten free bagel chips. They maintain a strict gluten free facility and products go through ELISA testing for gluten. Find the Greater Knead Bagel Chips on Amazon.

Top 8 Allergen Free Snacks – Cookies

Partake Foods

Partake Foods recently made news with a large investment from Jay Z. These cookies are certified thru GFCO, and do contain oats. You can order Partake Foods on Amazon or thru their website.

Cybele’s Free to Eat Cookies

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cybele, the owner of Cybele’s Free to Eat, for years. Her snickerdoodles are amazing! They are certified thru GFCO. Find her cookies (and pasta!) on their Amazon landing page. The cookies are available at many Walmat stores, and the pasta is available at Kroger.

Rule Breaker Snacks*

Rule Breaker Snacks

On the Rule Breaker Snacks website, they state that they do not use soy. However, their FAQ page warns that when they tested for soy, results came back at 274 parts per billion of soy. (Testing rules are usually PPM, not PPB.) Therefore families who restrict soy may want to consider this info. Order Rule Breaker Snacks on Amazon or thru their website. They are certified gluten free thru GFCO.

Top 8 Allergen Free Snacks – Other Baked Goods

All Free Bakery

all free bakery top 8 free snacks brownies

For those who love O’Dough’s bread, they started a new gluten free brownie line called All Free Bakery. Like their breads, they are certified gluten free thru GFCO. Order directly from the All Free Bakery website or buy at Fresh Thyme or Meijer.

Red Plate Foods

Red Plate Foods products are gluten free, vegan, and free from the top 9 food allergens. They offer whoopie pies, cupcakes, cookies, muffins and more. In Michigan you can find their products at Better Health, Fresh Thyme, Meijer, and even NCG cinemas! 

Top 8 Allergen Free Snacks -Frozen Treats

Better Bites Bakery

better bites bakery do bites top 8 free snacks

Better Bites Bakery, based in Austin Texas, started due to their own food allergies. Their  cupcakes, Do Bites, and cake balls are certified thru GFCO. Order directly from the Better Bites Bakery website or buy at Whole Foods or Super Target.

Top 8 Allergen Free Bars and Other Treats

Free Yumm Foods

free yumm foods

Free Yumm Foods products do not bear a separate gluten free certification label. However, they are produced in a dedicated gluten free facility. The Free Yumm website states that they use purity protocol oats in their bars. Find Free Yumm on Amazon.

Zego Foods

zego bars camp snacks

Zego Foods prides itself on being free from the top 8, as well as glyphosates and pesticides. Certified thru GFCO, they make bars and sell purity protocol oats. Find Zego on Amazon or order from their website.

Made Good Foods

Michigan Gluten Free Camp Girls looking at Made Good Foods Wrapper

Made Good Foods is another faithful camp contributor. Certified thru GFCO, they make crispy rice treats, mini cookies and granola products. They state that they use purity protocol oats. Find Made Good Foods on Amazon and in stores.

Blake’s Seed Based

My cousin’s husband bought these Blake’s Seed Based Crispy Treats while we were in Seattle, and I LOVED them. Blake’s also sells sunflower seeds, seed bars and granola bars. Their products are free from the top 9 allergens, including sesame. Find them in stores, or on Amazon

88 Acres

88 Acres products are free from the top 9 allergens, and them some! They also contain no sulfites, no corn, no GMOs, no palm oil, and no artificial sweeteners. They make snack bars and nut free spreads. Their chocolate sunflower seed spread is my FAVORITE. Find them in stores, and on Amazon

Top 8 Allergen Free Candy and Chocolates

Surf Sweets

surf sweets halloween instacart
Photo Courtesy of Instacart

The Surf Sweets organic line is owned by Wholesome Sweeteners. They make gummy treats and jelly beans, including vegan options! Find the Surf Sweets Halloween Treats, pictured above, on Amazon, or at Target. They are certified thru GFCO.

Free 2 B

Free 2 B Sun Cups

Free 2 B makes top 8 allergen free chocolate dessert cups, chocolate chips, and more. Famous for Sun Cups, they also make a dairy free caramel cup! They are certified thru the National Celiac Association. Order directly from the Free 2 B website

No Whey Chocolate

No Whey Allergen Free Gluten Free Easter Candy Basket
Photo From No Whey Website

I previously mentioned No Whey Chocolates in my Easter Candy blog post. Their products are made in a top 8 allergen free and gluten free facility, per their website. Order thru there of find No Whey Chocolates on Amazon

Pascha Chocolate

pascha white chocolate bar cookies

Pascha Chocolate makes a large line of top 8 allergen free chocolate bars, certified thru GFCO. Their website states soy is present in their facility, but not in their products. Order directly from the Pascha Chocolate website

Top 8 Allergen Free Pantry Staples


SunButter is great peanut alternative in a peanut-free classroom

Recently SunButter released a snack pack that includes their creamy SunButter and gluten free bagel chips! Of course, I’ve also been known to eat it by the spoonful as a snack! Order Sunbutter on Amazon or thru their site. **Note – Their new Jammies sandwiches are NOT gluten free. 

BFree Foods

BFree Pita Breads and Red Lentil Soup

While bread isn’t technically a snack, BFree Foods products are free from the top 8 allergens, and are certified gluten free thru GFCO. Find their breads at Meijer or order BFree Foods pita bread and other items on Amazon.

Looking for more than just snacks? Check out my post of easy top 8 allergen free meals, sides and desserts! From chili, to buddha bowls, to donuts, you’ll find something that everyone can indulge in! Know of any top 8 free snacks I missed? Please leave a note in the comments! 


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