Gluten Free Playdough Brands

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Hasbro Play Doh contains wheat and therefore causes an issue for those living with Celiac Disease. Luckily, there exist a handful of commercial brands of gluten free playdough we can buy. Find them below, as well as some homemade recipes!

gluten free playdogh brands

Store Bought Gluten Free Playdough

Gluten Free Playdough Brands

Homemade Gluten Free Playdough Recipes

gluten free playdough eat at our table
Image from Eat at Our Table

Of course, one can also make their own homemade gluten free playdough. Many recipes exist on the internet, but I’m listing a few to give you some ideas.

Other Back to School Resources

flatbox reshoot lunchbox open flat

Please know that Play Doh brand is not the only school product that may contain wheat or gluten. I find this list of Potential Food Allergens in Craft Supplies from Kids with Food Allergies to be very helpful. Celiac Mama also created a list of Art Supplies that Contain Gluten.

Of course, we also need to work about snacks and cross contact in the classroom. I love these Top 8 Allergen Free Snacks. When it comes to lunch time, I love this Flatbox lunch box that unzips into a placemat. We own two, and my husband takes his to work every day!

What Back to School Resources are you looking for? Leave a comment below, and I’ll try to help you find it! 

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  1. I would recommend staying away from Whoa Dough. I called to ask if their product contains a certain ingredient as they don’t list any ingredients on the package. The company was very unforthcoming and will not share any ingredients used in their product and just kept reassuring me that they do not have anything known to be an allergen to children but they would not tell me if the product contained the specific ingredient I was asking about or any other ingredients in the product. Makes me wonder what our children would actually be playing with when using their product.

  2. Anybody have experience with any of these doughs with play dough toys? I’m trying to find one my daughter can play with without me raßhing when I play with or clean up.

  3. We use Whoa dough- my daughter(5) has celiac we have had no issues

    The recipe with the conditioner… Some conditioners do contain gluten. I would check with the type of conditioner you are adding to the recipe before making it.

  4. Hey! I have a question about the flat box lunch bag you have pictured with school resources- my son has a terrible time getting it zipped back together at the end of lunch – it takes forever! Any tips for quick reassembly? Or maybe I should just have him quickly shove it into a plastic bag or something?

    1. There should be little tabs of fabric on the bottom. I hold on to one of those with one hand, and zip it up with the other. Other than that, I’d try having him practice at home, while he’s not rushed for time.

  5. Is sensory dough gluten free? I love the sensory dough kits, but my 8 yr old granddaughter needs it to be gluten free

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