Schar Artisan Bread – White and Multigrain

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When ever I tell people I can’t eat gluten, they always say, “I could never give up bread.” The truth is, someone doesn’t have to eternally stop eating bread. We just have to stop eating bread made with wheat (which includes spelt), rye and barley. With these Schar Artisan bread loaves, it makes eating gluten free easy and delicious.

Schar Artisan Bread in shelf stable bags

Gluten, Egg and Dairy Free Bread

These fresh, never frozen, Schar Artisan bread  loaves are soft and ready for your sandwich fixings straight out of the bag. In addition, this bread  is egg-free and dairy-free as well! Made with millet, quinoa and honey, provides more nutrition and deeper flavor than overly processed rice flour. No toasting needed. That is, unless you want toast, which is simply smashing!

schar artisan bread toast and eggs

What Do You Look For in Gluten Free Bread?

I recently asked my Facebook followers what they defined as the ultimate test of a gluten free bread. One person stated that when it was toasted, she wants the butter to melt into all the nooks and crannies like real bread. Well, the Schar artisan bread definitely stood up to that challenge! Many stated the wanted to be able to eat it fresh from the bag. I definitely find myself wanting to snag a slice right out of the package!

The Schar Artisan bread meets many of the desires my followers mentioned.

  • Doesn’t crumble or fall apart. This bread is sturdy!
  • It smells amazing fresh out of the bag
  • Doesn’t mold immediately after opening the bag. I’ve left a package open 3-5 days with no problems.
  • Doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. At my local Meijer, this package costs only $5.99.
Schar Artisan Baker Bread Gluten Free Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Ultimate Test- Gluten Free Grilled Cheese

However, my test for gluten free bread always involves a grilled cheese sandwich. Not matter how old you get, nothing beats a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. The Schar Artisan bread, while sturdy, is a bit rigid. It didn’t make for the most flexible grilled cheese. Regardless, the cheese melted well and the sandwich tasted delicious. I layered spinach and thinly sliced apple in mine. What extras do you like in your grilled cheese, if any?

Schar Artisan Bsker Bread Sunbutter and Jelly

Gluten Free Bread that Doesn’t Fall Apart

Another follower mentioned that they longed for a bread that made a PB + J sandwich that did not fall apart. Well, this Schar Artisan bread definitely passes that test. I actually used sunflower seed butter instead of peanut butter. Between preparing lunches for my husband at school, and running a kids GF camp, I try to use products that are free of as many allergens as possible.

If the Schar Artisan bread line contains one fault, it is that it contains soy. I love that the bread is egg and dairy free. I hope that someday they can find a way to remove the soy from their ingredients as well. OYou can now order these breads, and all their shelf stable products, directly from the online Schar store.

Have you tried the newer Schar Artisan bread? What are your thoughts? Share any creative recipes with me, please!

I was given these products to review but my opinions are completely my own.

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  1. I absolutely love, love, love Schar bread! It’s my fav, go-to bread that I keep stocked in my fridge. I use it for sandwiches, toast (with over-easy eggs), grilled cheese, you name it! It’s the best GF bread I’ve found.

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