Michigan Gluten Free Brands

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I’m a proud Michigander, through and through. When I can, I try to buy from these Michigan gluten free brands. Don’t live in Michigan? Many of these ship, and are available in stores around the country! 


Ethel’s Baking Company 

This decadent gluten free dessert bar company is a favorite among many. Their flagship product is their Pecan Dandy. However, their product list now includes blondies, Cherry pie bars, lemon bars and more. Ethel’s products are certified gluten free and made in a dedicated gluten free faciltiy. They ship nationwide.

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Second Nature Snacks 

Not familiar with Second Nature snacks? Us Michiganders may know them better by their parent company name, Kars Nuts. I’m a huge fan of their Wholesome Medley mix. Their nut blends are prepared in a gluten free facility and are certified gluten free. Second Nature ships nationwide. 

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Jessica’s Natural Foods 

I’ve seen my friends far and wide share their love for Jessica’s Natural Foods granola. Jessica’s Natural Foods also makes gluten free (and rice free!) flour and mixes. I used her chocolate cake mix to make my Gluten Free SunButter Glazed Donuts. Jessica’s Natural products are certified gluten free, and ship nationwide. (Her granola, flour and mixes contain oats.)

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Carlo’s Grain Free Granola 

Like many people with Celiac Disease, my body does not tolerate oats. This is why I Love Carlo’s Grain Free Granola. The Chocolate Cherry is especially delicious! Their mixes are prepared in a dedicated gluten free facility and contain no gluten, grains, peanuts, dairy, corn, soy, or preservatives! Carlo’s ships nationwide, and you get free shipping when you order 6 or more bags. 

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GFB Coffee Almond Crunch Bites Bag with Ingredients Vertical

The GFB 

I’ve known the Rader brothers, the creators of The Gluten Free Bar, for MANY years. Their bars and bites are delicious, and found in stores like Meijer and Whole Foods. They also sell gluten free oatmeal made from purity protocol oats. This Michigan gluten free brand ships nationwide. 

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Fusion Epicure 

I met the owners of Fusion Epicure at the beginning of 2022, and had the great opportuniaty to tour their dedicated gluten free faciltiy. Their stuffed and chocolate dipped dates are AMAZING. They ship nationwide, and are available at select small grocery stores. 

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Brazilian Oven 

Love Brazi Bites? They I recommend supporting this Michigan made gluten free business. Made in Kalamazoo, these Pão de Queijo are cheesy and delicious. Made from tapioca, which her father used to grow and harvest, this is truly a family owned business. She does not ship her products, but I’ve provided a link below so you can find them in Michigan stores near you!

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Aren't these Old World Gluten Free pierogi absolutely gorgeous?
Old World Gluten Free Pierogi 

I wasn’t introduced to pierogi until I was in high school. My oh my, was I missing out. Old World Gluten Free, based in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, began producing their gluten free pierogi when their son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Available in 6 different flavors, you can find them in Michigan and Illinois Whole Foods stores, and more. They ship through Polana, and I’ve provided the link below. 

Website | Where to Buy | Polana (shipping) | Facebook 


Relative Foods 

This new Michigan gluten free business sells a gluten free flour blend, oat flour (made from purity protocol oats), salt, sugar and more. I’m especially fond of their dried cherries. Based in Spring Lake, MI, their products are available on Amazon. 

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Mindo Chocolate Bars and Cocoa
Mindo Chocolate 

Did you know that you can do a tour of the Mindo Chocolate making facility? My husband and I went to one a few years ago, and it was so interesing. I love that they source their chocolate, ethically, directly from the farmers. They sell a variety of products, including chocolate bars, cocoa, chocolate chunks for baking, and more. They ship nationwide.

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Harvest Craft Chocolate 

I only recently (2022) learned about Harvest Craft Chocolate. Like Mindo, they source their chocolate directly from independent farmers, in an attempt to make ethically sourced chocolate, without child labor. All of their chocolate is dairy free and gluten free, although some bars are made with oat milk. They are located in Tecumseh, MI and ship nationwide. 

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Graceland Fruit

I first learned about Graceland Fruit when I attended the grand opening of Third Coast Bakery many years ago. This company makes all their dried fruit in a dedicated gluten free facility. They don’t ship to consumers at this time, and don’t seem to have a store locator. I know I’ve purchased their products at Meijer in the past. They mostly supply dried fruit to bigger brands, like Bob’s Red Mill and other bakers. 

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gluten-free chocolate peppermint crunch cookies with LorAnn Oils
LorAnn Oils 

My family has been using LorAnn Oils flavorings for decades. It’s what my grandma used to make her hard candy, every year. Since then, they’ve expanded, both physically, and in what products they offer. While many stores carry their products, unfortunately LorAnn Oils doesn’t have a store locator feature on their website. They do ship nationwide and internationally. All their flavorings, extracts and emulsions are gluten free. 

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Full Flavor Foods 

Full Flavor Foods makes and sells 7 different mixes- 4 gravy mixes and 3 cream sauce mixes. Gravy mixes include beef, turkey, chicken and post. Cream sauce mixes include Cream Sauce, Cream of Mushroom, and Alfredo. All are certified gluten free, and contain no nuts, or eggs, or trans fats. My husband will gladly tell you he loves when I cook with these, because it’s so delicious. They ship nationwide, and are available at Foods for Living, Rumi’s Passion and No More Belly Aching in Michigan, and at Hy-Vee stores in the midwest. 

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** Disclosure – I am the social media manager for Full Flavor Foods. 


Milford Spice Co.

I became familiar with Milford Spice Co. when I used to organize the Lansing Gluten Free Fair. All of their spice blends are all natural, free from preservatives, MSG and gluten. They do not use any fillers or anti-caking agents, and they are non-irradiated. 

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Kind Crumbs 

Kind Crumbs is one of the many gluten free bakers in Michigan. Unlike most on my list, Kind Crumbs is mostly wholesale, and sells directly to stores. They do ship a handful of items, but only within the state of Michigan. You can find Kind Crumbs products in D&W Stores, independent stores like Foods for Living and Bridge Street Market, as well as coffee shops and restaurants. 

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Other bakers that ship include Third Coast Bakery, Sweet Encounter Bakery, Gluten Free Sensations, and Gluten Free Specialties.

Oh MI Organics 

Oh MI Organics, located in St. Johns Michigan, sells handmade chocolates in a huge assortment of flavors. All of their products are free from gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts (except coconut), sesame, fish, eggs, and soy. While they do not ship, many store across the state of Michigan sell their products. 

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Brewery Nyx 

Brewery Nyx is Michigan’s first dedicated gluten free brewery. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they have quickly become a favorite with many people. Even non- gluten free drinkers. Shipping of alcohol isn’t allowed, buy you can find their beer in quite a few Michigan stores and restaurants. 

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Downey’s Potato Chips 

While Better Made and Great Lakes Potato Chips are gluten free, I recently met the owners of Downey’s Potato Chips and loved their product. These crisp kettle cooked chips are made in a dedicated gluten free facility, and undergo testing to verify they contain under 20 ppm. While not currently available for shipping, you can find them at various stores in Michigan. 

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What other Michigan gluten free brands should I (and everyone else) know about? Share about them with me in the comments below!


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