Gluten Free Alternatives to Cheerios

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Gluten Free Cheerios. Who knew a small “O” shaped cereal could cause such controversy? People ask “Do you feel Cheerios are safe or unsafe on a gluten-free diet?” I suggest we remove ourselves from that specific conversation. Instead, we should speak up for companies who make unique gluten free alternatives to Cheerios.

Gluten Free Alternatives to Cheerios

Many brands exist on the market who take extra strides to create and certify “O” shaped cereals for those of us who need it. Read through the whole post to see just how some of these companies are going above and beyond. Who knows, they may become your new favorite cereal!

Nature’s Path Whole O’s

Nature’s Path Whole O’s became one of my favorite gluten free alternatives to Cheerios over a decade ago.  It contains no oats, no GMO’s, and is certified through GFCO. This cereal boasts only 5 ingredients. The main ingredients include organic brown rice flour and organic corn flour. See their FAQ section to learn about how they handle allergens. While not frequently available in bigger grocery stores, I find these at local health food stores, as well as on Amazon.

Cascadian Farms Fruitful O’s

Cascadian Farms sells 4 gluten free cereals, with the Fruitful O’s being the only “O Shaped” gluten free cereal that they make. It does not bear a gluten free certification logo. Ingredients are corn meal, cane sugar, purple corn flour, tapioca syrup, sunflower oil, sea salt, calcium carbonate, annatto, natural flavor, and Vitamin E. Find it in stores and on Amazon.

Orgran Multigrain Breakfast O’s with Quinoa

Orgran is made in from Australia. While their Multigrain Breakfast O’s taste most similar to the “yellow box” cereal, they also make additional flavors. Their Whole Grain Buckwheat O’s contain a hint of maple. Again, since Organ is a foreign company, they might be hard to find on shelves. Their products are made in a gluten free facility.

Love Grown Power O’s

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Love Grown Power O’s may contain the most unique blend of ingredients of all the gluten-free “O” shaped cereals. Their create their cereals from “navy, lentil and garbanzo beans.” Their original flavor contains no added sugar 4 g of fiber per serving. In addition to their original flavor, they also produce chocolate and cinnamon flavors.

The Love Grown FAQ section states the following:

Yes, all of our products are made with gluten-free ingredients including our oat-based products, which are made with Certified Gluten Free Oats. The manufacturers that produce Love Grown products are Certified Gluten Free with the Gluten Intolerance Group. Under this certification each ingredient, processing step, and facility are carefully reviewed to ensure no risk of gluten contamination. The manufacturers are not dedicated gluten free, nor are they required to be under the certification, but they have implemented all programs, controls, and training to ensure that all Love Grown products are gluten free. In addition to all of these steps, our finished products are not shipped until they have been tested and shown to be gluten free.

These cereals bear the GFCO gluten-free certification, which requires audits on a yearly basis, sometimes even more frequently depending on the product. If you’re a Prime fan, you can also order them on Amazon

Lovebird Cereal

Lovebird Cereal is made from cassava. They contain no grains, no oats, and no artificial sweeteners. Flavors include cacao, strawberry, honey, cinnamon and unsweetened. Their cereal is “certified gluten free and made in a certified gluten free facility.” Order directly from them on their website, or on Amazon.

Magic Spoon Cereal

Magic Spoon grain free cereal meets GFCO gluten free certification standards. This high protein cereal contains just 4 net carbs, no cane sugar, corn syrup or sugar alchohols. Magic Spoon is sweetend with allulose and monkfruit.

Their FAQ states the following: “Our cereal and Treats are Certified Gluten-Free, but are made in a shared facility that also processes products that contain gluten. We test product in and product out, and can guarantee that we comply with the Gluten-Free Certification Organization’s requirement to contain no more than 10 parts per million gluten.”

Order their products from their website or their variety pack on Amazon. (affiliate link) 

Three Wishes

Three Wishes grain free cereal is made from chickpeas and contains no grains. It is sweetened with Monk Fruit. The production facility also contains no peanuts. (Their products contain no tree nuts or soy, but they are present in the facility.)  GFCO certifies this product, which requires less than 10 ppm of gluten in a product.

Their website states the following: “All products are gluten free certified and tested under GFCO standards. There is no gluten present in our facility during production.”

Order from their website, or find it at Whole Foods. Also available on Amazon.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. Many gluten-free “O” shaped cereal options, most who have been independently audited to be certified gluten-free. So when the many voices out there want you to pick a side in the gluten free Cheerios argument, politely choose “other.” Let’s celebrate the diversity of flavors and uniqueness of ingredients. Aren’t we blessed that we have so many options?

Which of these cereals are you most interested in trying? Do you frequently buy one of these for your household? Share your thoughts on these brands below! 

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Originally Published January 2018


    1. Please search Gluten Free Watchdog for the word “Cheerios.” Their production and testing methods have been questionable, and Canada does not allow them to be labeled as gluten free.

  1. Back when we were feeding O-shaped cereals to small children, we used to buy a version made from white beans, made locally here in Michigan. Those were really good, but the company that made them shut down, which was sad. If I remember right, they also used to make a white bean pasta that was really good too.

    Then we switched to Whole O’s and were happy with that.

    1. An update from five years later: I think it was Love Grown Power O’s that I was trying to remember the name of. They are being made again, and are mentioned in the current version of this article. But I haven’t yet found a cereal that is both organic and unsweetened, so for the past few years at my house, we are back to being o-shaped-cereal-free. Sigh…

      1. Though I still think there was another o-shaped cereal made of beans, long ago. I wish it was still around!

  2. I was getting Love Grown regularly. They are delicious. However the store I buy them from suddenly stopped selling them. I checked the Love Grown website and they said everything was out of stock. I believe they stated they were moving to a larger factory and were supposed to be back in production “soon.” I began eating Three Wishes. They have so many great flavors! They are my go-to cereal now.

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