15 Children’s Books about Celiac Disease

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Sometimes our peers become the best teachers. Several of these Celiac Disease children’s books are written by children. Order these books and read them to your children. Better yet, present them in their class!

Children's Books about Celiac Disease

Children's Books About Celiac Disease

What other children’s books about Celiac Disease have you read? More great books exist, but some are no longer in print. Please leave comments below about what books or resource you found helpful for you or your children. Looking for books geared towards adults? Visit my link on 5 Celiac Disease Books You Should Read.

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Originally Published March 2020


  1. We have “Eating Gluten-Free With Emily.” It makes some assumptions that all kids have the same experience of celiac that didn’t match my family’s experiences, but even so it’s a nice book. I’m glad that now it has the company of other kids’ books about celiac!

  2. The Silly Yak Who Had Celiac is a great addiction to this list! My niece loves that book and slept with it the night I gave it to her. Even her teacher at school ordered a copy and read it to the class.

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