10 Children’s Books about Celiac Disease

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Sometimes our peers become the best teachers. Several of these Celiac Disease children’s books are written by children. Order these books and read them to your children. Better yet, present them in their class!

Celiac Disease Children's Books Dear Celiac by Kristin Adams

Dear Celiac by Kristen Adam

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristen Adam at the Nourished Festival last year. Listen to her interview with The Celiac Project Podcast to learn more about this young lady!

Celiac Disease Children's Books Adam's Gluten Free Surprise by Debbie Simpson

Adam’s Gluten Free Surprise by Debbie Simpson

This Celiac Disease children’s book is written by Debbie Simpson, from Gluten Free Respect. A similar book for girls, Hailey’s Gluten Free Surprise, is also available. 


Everyone's Got Something My First Year with Celiac Disease by Hallie and Rayna Katzman

Everyone’s Got Something by the Katzman sisters

The greatest thing about this children’s book? Two teenagers wrote it! This book tells the story of Lexi, a girl newly diagnosed, in journal entry format. It even includes a gluten free brownie recipe!

Celiac Lost by Shelly and Christopher Shiflett

This book was written by a mother and son duo. After Christopher was diagnosed with Celiac Disease as a teenager, they wanted to help others navigate the gluten free diet. This book shares what to eat and what not to eat, as well as a collection of gluten free recipes. Available in Kindle and Paperback. 

Willit Villie Meets Casey Kramps by Elana Torsiello

Willie Villie Meets Casey Kramps by Elena Torsiello

At our gluten free camp, we have so many girls. Therefore, I love Celiac Disease children’s books written with a young man as the focus. This book is available in paperback and Kindle formats.

Eating Gluten Free with Emily by Bonnie Kruszka

This children’s book has many great reviews on Amazon. Multiple reviews say it helepd their children to understand their diagnosis. Some even mentioned using it in their children’s classroom to explain Celiac Disease to their peers.

Mommy What is Celiac Disease by Katie Chalmers

Mommy, What is Celiac Disease? by Katie Chalmers

Written in 2010, gastroenterologists Dr Fasano and Dr Guandalini endorse this Celiac Disease children’s book. Written by a graphid designer with Celiac Disease, the images are bright and eye catching. USED ONLY

The Celiac Kid by Stephanie Skolmoski Celiac Disease Children's Books

The Celiac Kid by Stephanie Skolmoski

Who doesn’t love a super hero?! Follow Will in this children’s book as he “fights off” his rival, gluten. I’m encouraged about the great review from registered dietitian, Amy Jones.

gluten free is part of me by Laurie Oestreich

Gluten Free is Part of Me by Laurie Oestreich

I came across this book as I was searching for other Celiac Disease children’s books on Amazon. This book emphasizes that our disease does not define us. It’s only a “part” of who we are!

Joe vs the Ce Monster by Dr Brian Wu Celiac Disease Children's books

Joe vs the Ce Monster by Brian Wu

This Celiac Disease children’s book is one in a series of “Health Stories for Kids” by Brian Wu. Currently free on Kindle, this book offers a parent section and glossary.  KINDLE ONLY

Ainsley Joins the Silly Yak Club by Stefanie Plothow Celiac Disease Children's books

Ainsley Joins the Silly Yak Club by Stefanie Plothow

Sometimes living with Celiac Disease makes you feel alienated. The focus of this children’s book is that we don’t have to be alone. Many reviews state the illustrations are adorable!

Kids Cook Gluten Free by Peter and Kelli Bronski

All the other books on this list are about learning how to live with Celiac Disease. However, this cookbook is written by and for kids with Celiac Disease, to learn how to cook gluten free. The parents, Kelli and Peter, have written many other cookbooks, including a gluten free pizza cookbook

What other children’s books about Celiac Disease have you read? More great books exist, but some are no longer in print. Please leave comments below about what books or resource you found helpful for you or your children. Looking for books geared towards adults? Visit my link on 5 Celiac Disease Books You Should Read.

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  1. We have “Eating Gluten-Free With Emily.” It makes some assumptions that all kids have the same experience of celiac that didn’t match my family’s experiences, but even so it’s a nice book. I’m glad that now it has the company of other kids’ books about celiac!

  2. The Silly Yak Who Had Celiac is a great addiction to this list! My niece loves that book and slept with it the night I gave it to her. Even her teacher at school ordered a copy and read it to the class.

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