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Breadless will be opening their second location in Rochester Hills, at 181 S, Livernois, on Thuesday October 5th.

They will have live music, giveaways, discounts and more.
Doors open at 10:30 am.

If you`re unfamiliar wiht Breadless, all of their sandwiches/ wraps are gluten free.
Read my post to learn more about this Michigan small business.

Two Ingredient Pumpkin Donuts
All you need to make these simple gluten free baked donuts is a gluten free cake mix, and a can of pumpkin puree.

You don`t need the extra ingredients the cake mix calls for. Just the mix and the pumpkin puree. You can add pumpkin pie spice to the batter if you like.
Glaze is optional.

Learn about which gluten free mixes I prefer for this recipe, in my article.

10 Easy Recipes that Start with a Beef Roast
My tpi for the best beef roast ever? Cook it in an Instant Pot with a can of Progresso French Onion soup, instead of water or broth.

It makes amazing french dip sandwiches, and you can use the leftovers to create beef hash, barbecued beef, and more. Find all 10 recipe ideas linked in my blog post.

Q: What`s your favorite quick meal to make on a busy night?

How Do You Top Your Pancakes?
When my husband introduced me to putting peanut butter on pancakes over 20 years ago, I thought it was odd.

Now I can`t eat pancakes any other way.
However, I am a big fan of cooked fruit on pancakes, such as this homemade strawberry sauce.

Try it with my gluten free buckwheat pancake recipe.

I`ve Been Craving Cinnamon Rolls All Week
A blend of sweet and warm spices, and gooey cream cheese frosting, everyone is going to want some.

Grab the recipe in this link

Save 15% on Relative Foods cinnamon and sugars with code MIGFGAL.

Q: What`s on your baking agenda this weekend?

So Much Better Made from Scratch
Today is National Great American Pot Pie Day.
Luckily for all of us, I have a fabulous individual gluten free pot pie recipe on my website.
I`ve successfully frozen these and reheated them later.

Recipe link ->

P.S. Share with someone who loves pot pie!

Gluten Free Apple Cheesecake Bites
These grain free cheesecake bites are made with Chebe Bread cinnamon roll mix. It`s a great grain free subsitute to a graham cracker crust.

They`re made in a standard muffin pan, and topped with delicious cooked apples.

Recipe link in @miglutenfreegal stories and bio->

Q: What`s your favorite fall dessert?

Gluten Free Chicken and a Biscuit
Your favorite crispy chicken recipe needs my fluffy gluten free biscuit recipe. Made with Cup 4 Cup brand multipurpose flour and plain full fat Lifeway Kefir, these are what I want to eat on a lazy weekend morning.

Q: What`s your favorite comfort food breakfast on a leisurely morning?

P.S. I share a link in my post for the oven "fried" chicken as well.

Gluten Free Treats in Central Michigan
Live in or near Mt. Pleasant, MI? Yum Baked Goods - Gluten-Free Goodies makes delicoius gluten free baked goods.
Whether you want cookies, cake or pie, she can hook you up!

Read my interivew with owner Kim Brown to learn more about her business, and how to contact her.

Someone asked me this past week how I felt about comments made on social media that those with Celiac Disease can eat wheat based foods in other countries.

As a big fan of Sharon McMahon, my response is this
"Someone is either very misinformed, or they are not telling you the truth."
In either circumstance, they aren`t someone you should get your information from.

Sadly, there are lots of people on the internet who would be more than happy to lead you astray, for their own personal gain. Make sure to think logically about what internet sources you use to get your information.

I share tips and ideas on that in my blog post "Navigating the Gluten Free Internet."
Read it in the link below

Saturdays are Pancake Days
Traditionally, every Saturday morning, my husband makes pancakes. It`s a nice break for me, as I make most of the meals during the week.

I`ll admit, as I`m still in Detroit with my mom, I`m missing those pancakes today.

And with fall on our heels, I`m thinking of my Gluten Free Apple Spice Pancakes.
They`re made with applesauce, plus nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and a pinch of ginger. All the spices in a traditional apple pie, but in pancake form.

Then I top them with freshly cooked apples, and they`re amazing.

Try the recipe for yourself.

Art Prize Starts This Weekend!
If you`ve never been, it`s a great festival of outdoor art, throughout the city of Grand Rapids. In all honesty, I`ve never been, and it`s on my bucket list of things to do.

If you`ll be visiting, use my blog post as a guide for delicious places to eat. The post includes an embedded Google map, to help you find locations near to where you are.

Click the link below to see it all, as well as other great venues to visit while you`re in Grand Rapids.

Article LInk

Guess Who`s Back, Back Again?
Word has it that the gluten free pumpkin products are making their way back into Trader Joe`s stores. I haven`t seen anyone mention the bagels yet. But keep an eye out at your local store.

New this year - Gluten Free Pumpkin Ravioli!

To learn more about Trader Joe`s and the gluten free items that they offer, click the link below.

Q: What`s your favorite Trader Joe`s product?

Apple Cinnamon Mini Donut Muffins
"I made these today and changed nothing! They are excellent and going into my “Tried and True” folder. Thank you!"

These are baked in a mini muffin pan, so they turn out just like donut holes. Roll them in cinnamon and sugar, and you have a delectable bite sized donut.

If you want to amp up the apple flavor, place 1 cup fresh apple cider in a small pot. Boil until it reduces down to 1/2 cup, and then use it instead of milk. I`ve successfully tried this myself.

Recipe here.

P.S. It means so much to me when you leave comments on my website, especially if a recipe has worked well for you. Thank you, friends.

Macomb County`s new gluten free and top 9 allergy free bakery, @allergyfreebakery , is scheduled to open tomorrow, September 12th

It`s an endeavor that`s been years in the making, and I`m so excited for them that opening day is finally here.

The bakery will offer a variety of baked goods - brownies, cookies, cupcakes, donuts- as well as ice cream and coffee.

They`re located on Hayes Rd, just north of Randazzo`s.

Click the link below to read my interview with the bakery manager.

GF Crescent Dough Apple Dumplings
Years ago, while preparing a meal for a large group of people, I was introduced to what some may call "Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings."

It involves wrapping apple slices in crescent dough, then baked with soda pop .
And for years I wanted to recreate it, But alas, premade gluten free crescent dough is not a thing. (And at the time, premade GF puff pastry did not exist. And I have not tried it with puff pastry, either.)

So years later when I successfully created homemade gluten free crescent dough for a different recipe, I knew I had to finally try to recreate this recipe.

Friends, it is SO good. And while recipes call for using Mountain Dew, I`ve successfully made them with fresh apple cider and enjoyed it a lot more. I`ve also made them with gingerale, and achieved great results.

(I`ve never made them with diet soda, but I hear from other people that it works well.)

While they`re tasty on their own, a scoop of Hudsonville Vanilla Bean ice cream makes it even better. And if you have the Apple Jam from Trader Joe`s, add a dollop of that on top. Trust me. 😉

Recipe in link in @miglutenfreegal bio and stories.

Q: What apple recipes do you crave in the fall?

*Please note that I`ve only successfully made this recipe using Cup 4 Cup brand of multipurpose flour, which contains dairy. I`ve tried my crescent dough recipe with Bob`s Red Mill 1 to 1, and King Arthur`s Measure for Measure, and they haven`t turned out as well.

Today`s Feeling a Bit More Like Fall
We`re getting a break from the heat here in Michigan today.
Pair that with a minimal chance of rain this weekend, and it`s the perfect time to go to the cider mill.

In my article you will find over a dozen cider mills who sell gluten free donuts made in DEDICATED gluten free bakeries. They are organized by general geographic area, and manufacturer. You`ll also find an embedded map.

Can`t get to a cider mill with GF donuts? My post also includes nationwide gluten free brands that make donuts, as well as gluten free donut recipes.

Share with a fellow GF BFF. 🙂
Sincerely, Margaret

Link is in @miglutenfreegal stories and the @miglutenfreegal bio

**Note - Westview Orchards states they won`yt be open until Sept 23rd

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