Gluten Free Magazine Review

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It’s amazing to think how far we have come in the gluten-free world. When I was diagnosed about a decade ago, I was eating rice cakes and at a loss for what to eat. Fast forward to now and there are plenty of gluten free baked goods, pasta, and mixes. Here’s a round up of gluten free magazine subscriptions that can inform us on our journey.

Gluten Free and More

I remember the first gluten free magazine that I ever bought…Living Without. To better reflect their mission, they’ve changed the name to Gluten Free and More. This magazine deals with multiple food allergies, but tends to focus on gluten free and dairy free living. It has helped me make Christmas cookies, Thanksgiving stuffing, and has given me guidance on how to make substitutions in my recipes. Gluten Free and More magazine gave me insight to how the gluten free and casein free diet may be of benefit to autistic children. The magazine encouraged me and comforted me in a diagnosis that changes your entire life. They have a great website with lots of articles, research and recipes. Their magazine is printed bi-monthly for a cost of $23 a year or $42 for 2 years. They also have a digital option for $19 a year. Back issues can be purchased  for $5.95 an issue, or a bundle of 3 for $12.95.

Gluten Free Magazine Gluten Free and More

Allergic Living

Allergic Living, a quarterly magazine, has a byline that states “Allergies, Asthma and Gluten-Free.” Many of the recipes in the magazine are geared toward being free of the top allergens and gluten. Regular contributors include Dr. Jim Baker, leader of FARE, and Alice Bast, leader of Beyond Celiac, as well as the “Ask The Allergist” feature. The cost of this magazine is $17.69 + tax for 1 year or $26.54 + tax for 2 years.

Gluten Free Magazine Allergic Living

Simply Gluten Free Magazine

Simply Gluten Free, published bi-monthly, has been on the scene since 2012. Editor- in -chief Carol Kicinski had been a cook for decades, but life changed when she realized she was gluten intolerant. Like the other magazines, there are wonderful pictures and plenty of ads of new products. There is an extensive recipe index, complete with allergen listings. You can see which of the dishes and desserts are free of gluten, grains, dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, and refined sugar, as well as which dishes are vegetarian and vegan. The subscription fee for this magazine (both in print and online) is $29.95 a year or $39.95 for 2 years.

Gluten Free Magazine Simply Gluten Free

Gluten Free Living

Gluten Free Living is a bi-monthly magazine, “leading the way to a happy, health gluten free life.” There are sections of recipes, information on new research, as well as new products on the market. In my opinion, this magazine has more current medical news and research than the previously mentioned magazines.  The cost of this magazine is $34 a year or $54 for 2 years.

Gluten Free Magazine Gluten Free Living

Gluten Free Forever

Gluten Free Forever came onto the scene in Fall of 2014. This quarterly magazine was started by food critic Erika Lenkert. Her desire is to show you the best that gluten-free can be, especially farm-to-table food. Most recipes limit the use of meat and dairy as well. Subscriptions are offered both in print and in online PDF formats. Print subscriptions are $35 plus shipping and handling, while online PDF subscriptions are only $20.
Gluten Free Magazine Gluten Free Forever

Delight Gluten Free

Delight Gluten Free is also a bi-monthly magazine.Much like the Simply Gluten Free magazine, this glossy magazine has a recipe index in the beginning, highlighting which recipes are also dairy, egg, nut, soy, rice and corn free. They have book reviews, an “Editor’s Eight- new products that the editors “delight” in, and research. They have a section that has recipes for both adult and kid versions that’s really neat. The cost of this magazine is $24 a year. You can also get past digital issues, at least at this time, for 99 cents an issue!

Gluten Free Magazine Delight Gluten Free
Magazines are a great resource to those who are newly diagnosed, as well as keeping all of us up to date on the latest medical research and food safety issues. What gluten free magazine do you read to keep yourself up to date with Celiac Disease and delicious recipes?


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